by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers F13 Philatelic Items

Poland, 29.05.1921, 100Mk, MiNr II

Semi-official "Air Mail" series of 2 stamps
issued for flights between Posznan and Targ during the Posznan Trade Fair of 1921.
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Stamps of the lower Sheet corner wear attachments "T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K."

Lithuania, 21.06.1921, 1/2/5 Auks., MiNr 106-108, Scott C5

Air Mail Stamps for the Kaunas-Konigsberg Services
Three out of seven stamps show F13s over landscapes.
Cut Stamps instead of perforated stamps are also known.

Lithuania, 06.11.1921, MiNr 109-115, Scott 8-14

Air Mail series set of 7 stamps
Stylished F13 and Genius drawing

Lithuania, 16.07.1922, 1/3/5 auks, MiNr 118-120

"Air Mail" series set of 3 stamps
F13 over landscape

Lithuania, 22.09.1922,2/4/10 auks, MiNr 121-123

"Air Mail" series set of 3 stamps
A probable chance to buy these Lithuanian stamps
might be ANTANAS' SHOP (I've no experience with him!)

Switzerland, 01.03.1923, 15/20/25c, MiNr 179-180

Air Mail series set of 6 stamps
stylished F13 during climb, also MiNr 285 with overprint

Germany (Private Mail), 1924, 2 GM, MiNr n/a

Private Air Mail Stamp issued by Junkers Luftverkehrs A.G.
for Berlin to Ankara/Angora Test Flight of 1924
Cut Stamps instead of perforated Stamps are also known.
F13 over landscape

Estonia, 12.02.1924, 15/45Mk, MiNr 50-52

Air Mail series set of 5 stamps
F13 seaplane over sea, several variations
Probable source for Estonian stamps:
Estonian Stamps (I've no experience!)

Poland, 15.08.1925, 0,00, MiNr (none)

Special vignette for first flight Warsaw to Copenhagen.
Air Mail Letters for this flight had to wear this stamp.
The F13 shows P-PALB registration.

Russia, 18.09.1928, 0,00, MiNr (none)

Special Dobrolot vignette for first flight Moscow to Irkutsk.
Air Mail Letters for this flight were marked with the airline label on the back.

SCADTA, 1920-1930, special stamp edition for SCADTA Air Mail

for Colombia, 63 stamps, 1-46 with F13 picture
for Ecuador, 17 stamps since 1928, 1-5 with F13 picture
General editions, 13 stamps since 1929, none with F13 picture
A lot of overprints, cut stamps and envelopes and postcards with these stamps are known.

Iran, 06.06.1928/1929, 3Kr to 30Kr, MiNr 564-580

Airmail set of 17 stamps mostly for Junkers Luftverkehr Persien
single colored stamp various overprinted with F13 image
Probable source for Iranian stamps: Persiphila.

Sweden, 09.05.1930, 10o/50o, MiNr. 213-214, Yvert A4/5

two stamps in blue and pink color, airmail set
F13 with skies flying over Stockholm

Albania, xx.xx.1930, MiNr. ???-???

set of seven airmail stamps
F13 over Albanian Landscape

Bolivia, 24.07.1930, MiNr 194 - 201 / Yvert A4-A11

airmail set of 8 stamps
Junkers F13 over Bolivian Landscape and Lake Titcaca

Bulgaria, 09.05.1932, 18/28L, MiNr 249-251, Scott C12-C14

ex Stamp Set "Air Mail Exhibition Strassbourg" of 3 aviation stamps
Junkers F13 inflight over Rila Church

China, 29.08.1932, 15C to 5$, MiNr 262-271, Scott C21-C30

Air Mail Stamp Set of 10 stamps
single colored stamp with F13 inflight over landscape
MiNr. 359-378 (Scott C43 to C57) of 1940/41 same stamps overprinted
Several prints at Bejing, Hongkong and Shanghai

Russia, 25.01.1935, 20k, Michel 504A, Scott C63 / SG683

ex Airmail Stamp Set C58-C67
single colored stamp with F13 over arctic landscape
additional imprint of I. Doronin at left upper corner.
Issued for "Rescue of the Tscheljuskin ship crew"

Good research source for Russian stamps at
Russian Mint Stamps or Russian Stamps, Philately & Postal History

Austria, 16.08.1935, 20+80Gr., MiNr 601+607

Two stamps out of 15 airmail stamps (598/612)
Junkers F13 flying over Austrian landscapes

Sweden, 23.05.1936, 50o, MiNr 239

"Stockholm Bromma Airport Opening" edition
Junkers F13 over Bromma Airport

Bolivia, May 1938, MiNr ????

3 out of 9 airmail stamps
Junkers F13 (?) inflight over Bolivian Landscape
and F13 together with other Junkers aircraft over Bolivian Map.

Colombia, 14.12.1945, 30C, MiNr 478

ex Stamp Set "25 Years Air Mail" of 3 aviation stamps
blue stamp with image of F13 seaplane "Tolima"

*** No Image available ***

Colombia, 01.12.59, 50c, MiNr 889 (ex 884-891)

Stamp Set "Stamp Centenary" of 8 stamps
F13 seaplane floating on water

Colombia, 05.12.59, 35C/60C + 2/3P, MiNr 893-894 , Sheet 16-17

Stamp Set "40th Anniversary of Avianca" of 2 aviation stamps + 2 Sheets
single colored stamps with small F13 seaplane at top corner

Colombia, 13.12.1965, 5C, MiNr 1065

ex Stamp Set "Aviation History" of 3 aviation stamps
multicolored stamp with F13 seaplane (J-1) over island

Colombia, 18.06.1969, 1P, MiNr 1147, Sheet 31
Colombia, 28.11.1969, 2P, MiNr 1156, Sheet 32

ex Stamp Set "50 Years Air Mail / EXFILBA 69" of 2 aviation stamps
multicolored stamp with image of F13 seaplane

Papua New Guinea, 07.06.1972, 25c, MiNr 226 (SG/Yvt 223, Scott 348-351)

multi-colored, "50th Anniversary of Guinea Aviation" set of 4 stamps, pricing (*)
F13 (VH-UTH) take off over church
Papua stamps might be bought Faldor Stamps

Sweden, 08.09.1972, 5o, MiNr 761

multi-colored, "Air Mail Aircraft" booklet 61 set of 4 stamps, pricing (*)
F13 seaplane (S-AGAA) on sea

Bolivia, xx.xx.1975, 2Sb, MiNr 889 / Ivert A334
Stamp Set "50th Anniversary of L.A.B." of 3 stamps

Mongolia, 22.12.1976, 1T, MiNr 1039
Stamp Set "Aircraft" of 7 stamps
multi colored stamp with F13 image

Germany (FRG), 05.01.1976, 50Pf, MiNr 878

multi-colored, "50th Anniversary of Lufthansa"
F13 (D-1) side view drawing

Cook Islands, xx.xx.1977, 50c, MiNr 612 / Ivert 521

multi-colored, ex set "Sir Roland Hill" of 3 x 4 stamps
F13 during dive (similar to F13)

same stamp in minisheet B90
same stamp with other insignia MiNr. 678 and B101 of 1980

PR of Korea, ??.??.1980, 1,20, MiNr 2062/63

Miniature Sheet "25th Anniversary of Lufthansa" with two stamps
Junkers F13 rear view on miniature sheet (not on stamp!)

Papua New Guinea, 17.06.1981, 30T,
MiNr 416 ... Scott 540/44 ... SG/Yvert 412/16)

multi-colored, "Missionaire Aviation" set of 4 stamps
F13 (SE-AAC) over landscape

Sweden, 13.10.1984, 2.70Kr, MiNr 1304

multi-colored, "History of Swedish Aviation" set of 5 stamps
F13 seaplane ("Tomton") during takeoff

Argentina, 27.04.85, 40Pa, MiNr 1732

ex Stamp Set "Argentina 85" of 5 aviation stamps, pricing (*)
multicolored image of F13 Landplane on single stamp

Finland, 02.06.1988, 1.80M, MiNr 1084

multi-colored, "Finlandia 88" sheet set of 4 stamps, pricing
F13 seaplane (K-SALI)

Ecuador, 12.04.88, 10S, MiNr 2071

ex Stamp Set "60 Years Avianca" of 9 aviation stamps
multicolored side view of F13 seaplane in Avianca livery

South West Africa, 1989, 40c, MiNr 639

ex Stamp Set "Aeroplanes" of 4 aviation stamps
red/black stamp with F13 landplane (ZS-ARI) and Namib air routes.

Argentina, 14.07.90, 2000A+2000A, MiNr Sheet 41

ex Stamp Set "Aerofilade 90" of 2 aviation stamps, pricing (**)
multicolored stamp sheet with F13 seaplane on sheet (not stamp)

Germany (FRG), 09.04.1991, 30Pf, MiNr 1522

multi-colored, ex "Historic Air Mail" series of 4 stamps

South Africa, 1993, 45c, MiNr. 877

multi-colored sheet of 25 aircraft stamps

Iceland, 1993, 30o, MiNr. ????

multi-colored set of 4 aircraft stamps, pricing (*)
Junkers F13 seaplane on sea

Gambia, 16.06.1998, D5, MiNr. 3024, Scott 2039

multi-colored miniature sheet with 6 stamps
with South African Junkers F13

Austria, 2000, 7sh, MiNr 2312

multi-colored, 75 anniversary Klagenfurt Airport

Brazil, 2001, 55 R$, MiNr ????

one out of 6 stamps in "Commercial Aviation History" Minature Sheet
Junkers F13 (PP-VAG) over Brasilian landscape

Micronesia, 07.08.2003, 55c, MiNr ???? / Scott 551

one stamp of miniature sheet "100 Years of Aviation" with 6 stamps
Side View of a Canadian Junkers F13 on skies

Marshall Islands, 12.08.04, 23c, MiNr ??? / Scott 839l

ex Stamp Sheet "Word's Greatest Aircraft" of 50 aviation stamps
multicolored F13 in flight over beach side

Austria, 27.05.2005, 2.65+1.30€ , MiNr 2566

Issued for "Stamp Day 2005" with attached vignette
Junkers F13 seaplane at mooring site of a river

South Africa (Inoffical), date unknown, n.n., MiNr ??? / Scott ???

Stamp Sheet "National Council for the Care of Cripples in South Afrika"
with 20 aircraft stamps, F13 (ZS-ASA) on ground