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Junkers J9 Survivors + Replicas

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Only a single Junkers J9 survived WWI until today in France.
A well done replica exists today in Germany.
There are also known some flying replicas in the U.K.

A detailled description of the current J9/D.I survivors could be found in
Part I of our printed review "Die letzten Junkers-Flugzeuge I"


Junkers J9

Musee de l'Air et de L'Espace

Paris Le Bourget, France 

SNo. unknown, RNo. 5929/18

Junkers J9 at the Muse de l'Air in le Bourget in 2010 (Wikimedia, Duch, CC3.0)

The only surviving original Junkers J9 is on Display at the Muse de l'Air in Paris Le Bourget today. This Aircraft was delivered tp the Navy Flight Unit of Gotthard Sachsenberg in Flanders in October 1918 as 5929/18. This Aircraft was left at Evere or Hombeek by the Germans after the end of the war. It was investigated by the British Forces at Hombeek and handed over to the Belgium Forces later.

In 1921 the Aircraft was evaluated by the French Section technique de l'Aeronautique (STA) in Paris. It was finally handed over to the Aviation Museum in Chalais-Meudon. In the early 1970s the Aircraft was moved to Le Bourget and restaurated until 1974, when it went on Display at the Muse de l'Air.




Junkers J9 (Replica)

Luftfahrttechnisches Museum 

Rechlin, Germany 

SNo. none, RNo. None

Junkers J9 at the Rechlin Aviation Museum in 2017 (Luftfahrttechnisches Museum Rechlin)

This replica was originally built in 1997 by Manfred Pflumm in Villingen-Schwenningen. After a short presentation in Villingen the replica was handed over to the Luftwaffenmuseum in Berlin-Gatow, where it went on permanent Display until 2016, when the replica was aquired by the Luftfahrttechnisches Museum in Rechlin. Since 2017 the replica is under Display at Rechlin.




Junkers J9 (Replica)

Aero Replica Fighter Museum

Lake Gunterville, USA 

SNo. none, RNo. None

I got the information, that at Lake Guntersville Fighter Museum, also a J9 could be found. This aircraft seems to be replica, but I am still looking for a confirmation of that information. The collection should have been built up by a man named Ryder, who died a few years ago.

The Replica Fighter Museum is closed. After the death of Frank Ryder the museum's assets have been sold to a number of people. No info, where the J9 replica currently is.



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