by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

What's New Archive

66th Edition, updated 19 September 2019

We have introduced the "Museum Aircraft, Wrecks, Survivors" menu selection,
which takes you to the already available Survivor list pages.

We also started to review the available Survivor List pages.
With this update, the Junkers J1 Survivor Page is introduced, 
The Junkers J4, Junkers J8, Junkers J9, Junkers J10 
Survivor Page has been updated.

Further Survivor Pages will be updated with the next Editions.


65th Edition, updated 16 June 2018

The Junkers Link Section has been filled with a first set of (from my Point of view) excellent Homepages,
which refer to the Junkers Topic as well as to the German Aviation History.

Some new informations are available about the current Situation of the
former Junkers Facility area in Allach.

Some smaller adaptions have been made throughout the whole Homepage.


64th Edition, updated 15 February 2018

The Junkers People Section has completely been transfered into the new design.
Several additions are already added compared to the 2006 Release.


63rd Edition, updated 8 December 2017

The Junkers Companies and Facilities Section has completely been transfered into the new design. A few chapters have already been transfered into the Junkers People Section, however Major parts will be transfered with 64th Edition.

The Hugo Junkers Homepage also became a member of the "Paul Zoeller Luftfahrtarchive", which is linking Online- and Print-Media of authors, which are members of the Paul Zoeller Luftfahrtarchive. Get a look there to find out, which other Online- and Book-Projects are available.



62nd Edition, updated 20 November 2017

The Junkers Engine Section has been completely transfered into the new design now, including the Museum and Survivor part. The Section is divided into three Sub parts, which are all complete now:

 61st Edition, updated 26 August 2017

  1. Step 1 of the Transfer of the Hugo Junkers Homepage into the new design has been finished.

    The complete Junkers Aircraft Section including Production Lists, Museum Aircraft and Model Kits is available in the new Format. As announced, not much on the Contents of the individual pages has been changed yet ... except the Weblink List, which was updated on each page and the Images are available again.

  2. Review of the EF Designator Section

    A lot of work was done by the Researchers during the past years regarding the EF Designators. During the Format Transfer we added a lot of new Infos to our existing EF Designator List.

  3. New Junkers Post War Developments Section

    In the previous Editions of the Hugo Junkers Homepage the cut was made with the Soviet occupation of the Junkers facilities in Dessau in July 1945. Now, we Extended this with a new Junkers Post War Section, which includes the developments in Dessau in 1945/46, in Russia 1946/1953 and in Dresden 1953/1961 as well as the space activities of the Junkers GmbH in West Germany 1961/1974.

60th Edition, updated 12 June 2017

Do not expect much new Contents. For the first step, I am transfering the old Contents into the new layout just by cut and paste. So expect the same Contents and the same failures like previously.


introduced Sept 2017
contents last updated 20.11.2017