by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Hugo Junkers Civilingenieur

21.10.1892 at Dessau, Germany
by Hugo Junkers

Main Business:
Holding of Junkers patent rights
This interim company was used by Hugo Junkers to save his rights
on the calorie measuring device against the
Versuchsanstalt for gas engines.
When the Versuchsanstalt was dissolved in 1893, Junkers continued his studies
within his own company. Total income from the sale of licenses of Junkers patents.

Management Positions:
1892 - 1895 Hugo Junkers, technical and financial director, 100% ownership
1893 Emil Wergien , deputy manager

Experimental laboratories at Continentale Gasgesellschaft, Dessau
Centralwerkstatt Dessau near Woerlitzer Bahnhof

Company Development:
This company was founded in October 1892, when it became obvious, that Hugo Junkers and Oechelhaeuser would dissolve their common ownership of the Versuchsanstalt fuer Gasmotore. Hugo Junkers transfered his patent for the calorie measurement tool onto his new company, separating it from the Versuchsanstalt and Oechelhaeuser.

When the separation of Junkers and Oechelhaeuser became reality in 1893, Hugo Junkers continued his studies on the gas engines at his own company, which initially remained at the Continentale Gasgesellschaft. In 1893 the Experimental Engine No. VII with 185hprs was finished by Hugo Junkers.

But mostly Hugo Junkers tried to improve the calorimeter together with Emil Wergien, who had joint the company. Furthermore Junkers developed a heater system for fluid medias in 1894, from which later on the world's first warm water stoves resulted. Also Hugo Junkers started the marketing of his calorimeter tool, i.e. during a studying journey through America. In 1894 it became obvious, that the demand for the calorimeter and the fluid heater asked for a further improved company and Hugo Junkers looked for a commercial partner. In 1895 he founded the Junkers + Co. together with Ludwig.

The new company totally absorbed "Hugo Junkers Civilingenieur" and all rights of this company.

Patent No. 71131 (June 29th 1892) Calorie Measurement Tool
Patent No. 72564 (April 1893) Improved Calorie Measurement Tool
Patent No. 84731 (Oct. 1894) Multistage Gas and Fluid Piston Engine
Patent No. 84781 (June 1894) Fluid Heater



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