by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers M18


1000PS Single Cylinder Engine, 1913, one built
designed by

Historical Data:
The M18 was designed as a horizontal single cylinder engine for experimental reasons. Mader designed a highly flexible engine with several exchangable design elements and external inputs and outputs with good accessaability. The British Navy was interested in the M18 as well for experimental purposes and therefore a joint venture for the prototype construction was formed. The design was changed into a vertical design, so that it was capable for usage in ships.

The construction of the M18 was performed at the newly founded Junkers Motorenbau GmbH at Magdeburg. It seems, that the M18 was finished before the breakout of WWI, however it is not known, if the engine ever ran. In 1921 the M18 engine had to be destroyed at Magdeburg due to the Allied restriction on Germany's industry.

Technical Data:
Power: 735kW / 1000hpr
Cyclinders: 1 x 600mm
Lift: 2 x 750mm (Tandem)
Turnrate: 140 per minute



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