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Early Junkers Family History

The history of the Junkers family could be traced back until the 16th century. In the early 16th century the Family was located at Schaan in Liechtenstein. In 1647 the Family moved from Schaan to Juechen near Dusseldorf and later to Monchengladbach.

The early Junkers family worked as farm workers at Rheydt, a small village between Monchengladbach, Dusseldorf and Aachen. The first company of the Junkers family, a textile manufacturing company, was founded in 1818 by Johann Peter Junkers (1793-1853), the grandfather of Hugo Junkers. This textile company became the backbone of the Junkers family and it was continued by the father of Hugo Junkers and was also later continued by a brother of Hugo Junkers until the 20th century.



Junkers, Johann Heinrich

* 26 MAY 1823, + 17 NOV 1887

Heinrich Junkers was the father of Hugo Junkers. He was Born on 26th May 1823 in Rheydt as the son of Johann Peter Junkers and Anna Gertraud Junkers.

He was a textile manufacturer at Rheydt nr. Monchengladbach. He was married with Luise Vierhaus since May, 21st 1855. Their family grew up to seven boys until Luise died in 1869. On 6th October 1873 Heinrich Junkers married Luise Pfaff as his second wife. He died in 1887 by a gas accident at his home.






Vierhaus, Luise

* 1827, + 24 SEP 1869

Luise Junkers, born Vierhaus, was the first wife of Heinrich Junkers and the mother of Hugo Junkers. Both married on May, 21th 1855 and had seven boys and one girl, which died shortly after her birth. Luise Junkers died on September, 24th 1869.

She was the daughter of Heinrich Vierhaus and Katharina Hacklaender in 1827 at Kaiserswerth near Dusseldorf.







Pfaff, Luise Elise Amalie

* 1827, + ????

Luise Junkers, born Pfaff, was the second wife of Heinrich Junkers. Both married on October, 6th 1873 but had no children. She was Hugo Junkers' stepmother.

Luise was Born 1823 as the daughter of Johann Heinrich August Pfaff and Charlotte Friederike Wiegand.









Hugo Junkers Grandparents and Grandgrandparents

Father's Family Line


  • Johann Peter Junkers (1793-1853) and Anna Gerdraut Junkers (1788-1825) were the parents of Johann Heinrich Junkers (1823) and the grandparents of Hugo Junkers. Anna Gertraud died in 1825, when their son Johann Heinrich was two years old. Johann Peter was married a second time with Sybilla Kartharina Quack (1798-1875), which was the stepmother of Johann Heinrich Junkers and the step-grandmother of Hugo Junkers. Their son Johann Junkers married Mariann Otto on 10 AUG 1844 in Rheydt. Their daughter Magdalena Junkers married Friedrich Ernst Schlingmann on 25 MAR 1845 at Rheydt. Their son Johann Heinrich married Luise Vierhaus in 1855 at Rheyedt. A further son of Peter and Anna Gerdraut was Hermann Junckers and Eduard Junkers (1839)
  • Hermann Junkers (1765-1839) and Maria Kaulen (1764-1837) were the parents of Johann Peter Junkers and the Grand-grandparents of Hugo Junkers. Their Kids were Johann Peter Junkers (1793)  and Anna Gertrud Junkers (later Quast)
  • Ludwig Junkers (1723- 5 FEB 1786) and Sophia Eickes (1724-1775) were the parents of Hermann Junkers. Their Kids were Hermann Junkers (1765), Johann Heinrich Junkers (1770) . After the death of Sophia Ludwig married a second time Adelheid Baehren (1739-1811). Their Kids were Anna Sophia Junkers (1777), Maria Junkers (1778), Anna Junkers
  • Cornelius (Nelis) Junkers (Feb 1690 - Nov 1760) was Born in Juechen and moved to Monchengladbach. He and Gertrud Buschhueter (1690-FEB 1759) were the parents of Ludwig Junkers. Their Kids were Ludwig Junkers (1723), Sophia Junkers (1726, later Coenen), Adam Junkers (1736), 
  • Adam (Dahm) Junkers (OCT 1646 - 28 SEP 1713) was Born in Schaan, Liechtenstein and died in Juechen near Dusseldorf. When Adam was two years old his Family moved from Schaan to Juechen at the Lower Rhineland. He was married with Gertrud Aldenhoven (1616-10 APR 1681) from Monchengladbach. Their Kids were Helena Junkers (1671), Adelheid Junkers (1673), Helena Junkers (2, 1680). Adam was married a second time after the death of Gertrud in 1681 with Caecillia (Cilgen) Klumpen (1651-MAR 1734)and both had tow Kids: Johannes Junkers (1686) and Cornelius Junkers (1690)
  • Cornelius (Nelis) Junkers (1620-26 DEC 1701) was Born in Schaan and died in Juechen near Dusseldorf. He was married with Sophia (Fey) Mager (1615-1687), who was previously married with Emmerich Coenen. Nelis was the father of Johannes Junkers (1642, Schaan), Adam Junkers (1646, Schaan), Wilhelm Junkers (1648, Juechen), Peter Junkers (1651, Juechen), Wolter Junkers (1653, Juechen), Margaretha Junkers (1658, Juechen), and Anna Junkers (1660, Juechen). Sybilla Coenen (1640, Schaan, later Schiwers) was a stepsister of Adam Junkers. Cornelius moved the Junkers Family from Schaan in Liechtenstein to the Lower Rhineland at Juechen near Dusseldorf in 1647/48.
  • Johannes Junkers (1590-1660) was probably Born in Liechtenstein and died in Juechen near Dusseldorf. He was married with Lene Junkers (1595-Apr 1668). His son Cornelius Junkers was Born in Schaan and a second kid was Born in Schaan in 1621.



Mother's Family Line

  • Heinrich Vierhaus and Katharina Hacklaender were Luise Vierhaus' parents and the grandparents of Hugo Junkers. Their son Karl Kaspar Vierhaus married Johanne Junkers (daughter of Johann Peter Junkers and Sybilla Katharina Quack) on 20 JUN 1861 at Rheydt. Their daughter Luise Vierhaus married Heinrich Junkers (son of Johann Peter Junkers and Anna Gerdraut Junkers) in 1855 at Rheydt.



Junkers, Karl Christian

* 17 AUG 1857

second brother of Hugo Junkers, no further Infos



Junkers, Emma Emilie

* 24 Feb 1862

Emma Emilie Junkers was fifth kid and the only daughter  of Heinrich and Luise Junkers. She died shortly after her birth.



Junkers, Justus

* 6 APR 1863

fourth brother of Hugo Junkers, no further Infos



Junkers, Annelise

* 5 OCT 1900

Annelise Junkers was the second child of Hugo and Therese Junkers. One of the first Junkers F13 were named after her in 1919.

In 1933 Annelise Junkers married the art painter Friedrich Droemmer, who was responsible for the Marketing at Junkers Flugzeugwerke. When the Naizis took over Control over the Junkers Flugzeugwerke, Annelise Junkers was also accused for her contacts to communists. Annelise Junkers left Germany towards Italy together with Friedrich Droemmer after Droemmer was arrested and later released by the Nazis in 1933. Both returned to Germany in 1935.



Junkers, Luise

* 24 MAY 1913

Luise Junkers was the ninth child of Hugo and Therese Junkers

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