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A.S. Norsk Aerotransport

Spring 1924 Foundation of AS Norsk Aerotransport
July 1926 Promotion Flights at Oslo harbour

Junkers Flugzeugwerke A.G.
Private Norwegian Group under leadership of Gotteborg in 1924
Private Norwegian Group under leadership of C. Doxrud and H. Holmsen in 1926

Management Positions:

planned: Oslo-Gothenburg, Trondheim-Tromsoe

Company Development:

Junkers Flugzeugwerke already applied for an air traffic concession at the Norwegian Government in March 1923, when they intended to provide a route from Kristiania (Oslo) to the Gothenburg aviation week. Furthermore Junkers intended to open a sightseeing flight base at Kristiania harbour. The Norwegian Government rejected this approach and called for the foundation of a Norwegian cooperation partner.

In Spring 1924 Junkers and Florman with his A.B. Aerotransport were heading for a new approach. Together with a private group around Lieutenant Gotteborg the foundation of AS Norsk Aerotransport was finalized in January 1925. It was intended to add this airline to the newly established Scandinavian Union. Like in Sweden, Hugo Junkers offered two Junkers F13Ws for the route Oslo to Gothenburg. But these aircraft were not delivered during 1925. Finally Junkers retreated from the project due to his problems with Junkers Luftverkehr iN Germany.

A new approach for AS Norsk Aerotransport started in July 1926. For a short time a Junkers F13 was leased from AB Aerotransport for promotion tours. Nevertheless, again Norsk Aerotransport was unable to start its planned operation from Oslo to Gothenburg as well as a planned Trondheim to Tromso line. The company was finally dissolved.

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