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Baade (VEB Flugzeugbau) 156 / 157

Agricultural Aircraft of 1960/61, also known as "Flora" and SP-043

Baade 156 "Flora" (from Fliegerrevue 08/90)

The Baade 156 was agricultural aircraft, which was developed under the Name "Flora". The aircraft was designed for Transport Tasks of up to 1000kg as well as for spraying Services and fire fighting. The aircraft had a shoulder mounted wing and two AI-14R Piston engines mounted under the wing. The twin tail was mounted on a rear spar behind the cabin.

The Baade 157 was a further development of the 156 for Police Survey flights, for parachute flights, for ambulance Services or for Ultra short range passenger flights. The 157 got other engine mountings, tails and landing gears compared to the 156. Several studying Projects were set up for the different designs:

  • SP043 - Basic Agricultural Aircraft
  • SP043A - Passenger and Ambulance Aircraft, modified tail unit, lower landing gear, lenght: 13m, height 3,75m
  • SP044 - Passenger Aircraft, V-Tail, wing integrated engine
  • SP045 - Agricultural Aircraft, spraying aircraft
  • SP046 - Passenger Aircraft with larger fuselage and back door
  • SP048A - Passenger-, Ambulance and Parachute Aircraft
  • SP049 - Agricultural Aircraft as SP048A with double tails
  • SP049A - as SP049 for Passenger, Ambulance and Parachute missions, length 13,30m
  • SP050 - as SP049 Agricultural aircraft, tail from SP043, length 12,50m

The development was started in 1960 under the studying Project Designator SP-043, which was later transfered to the Baade 156/157 Designator. In February 1961 a mockup of the Baade 156 was finished. The development was stopped, when the GDR Government decided to Close the VEB Flugzeugbau in summer 1961.


Technical Data:


year engine length
in m
in m
wing area
im sqm
net weight
in kg
T/O weight
in kg
seats speed
in km/h
in km



2 x AI-14R
















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