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Schlesische Luftverkehrs AG

30th January 1925

Provinzialverband Schlesien
City of Breslau (Wroclaw)
Hugo Junkers (12.5%)

Management Positions:

Gleiwitz - Breslau - Berlin (May 1925)
Breslau - Dresden (May 1925)

Company Development:

In the beginning of 1925 Junkers started to establish an East-West Connection from Breslau in Silesia to Essen in the Ruhrgebiet. Three airlines were founded to serve this route. The first one was Schlesische Luftverkehrs AG in Breslau, which was founded on January, 30th 1925. The city of Breslau, the state of Silesia and Junkers were shareholders of this company, of which Junkers took 12,5% for two Junkers F13 aircraft, which he supplied to the newly founded airline.

Initial routes were started on May, 1st 1925 from Gleiwitz via Breslau to Berlin and on May, 10th 1925 the first stage of the Silesia-Ruhrgebiet connection was established on the route from Breslau to Dresden, which was continued to Leipzig since June 1925. By then the Silesia area was also connected to the Transeuropa Union. In 1926 the Schlesische Luftverkehrs AG transfered operations to Deutsche Luft Hansa and became shareholder of the new German flag carrier. On the other hand Luft Hansa took over the former Junkers shares of Schlesische Luftverkehrs A.G. Still in 1933 Lufthansa owned 10% of the 500.000 RM capital. Schlesische Luftverkehrs A.G. was finally dissolved in the end of the 30s.

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