by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

General Aviation History Websites

Here we list some Aviation Websites
which have extraordinary history Contents:


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Luftfahrthistorik

Günther Ott, Volker Koos, Jark Jössler and Günter Frost present a lot of their significant Aviation history articles at this ADF Homepage. Here you find a lot of excellent and very detailled articles about the German Aviation Developments before WWII. An absolute MUST for all interested in the 20/30s Aviation history of Germany.



EA - European Airlines by Rob Mulder

Rob Mulder is Publishing stories and fleet list of European Airlines, mostly from the 20s and 30s here. Rob is member of a Team of high Quality Aviation authoers, whos books are available in the Shop Section.

A MUST for those interested in the Early Airline Period in Europe.



Andersson Aviation History Site

Lennart Andersson is well known for his Aviation history researches and articles. At his own Homepage Lennart is offering several of his old articles. You will also find a lot of Junkers stuff here. A MUST for those interested in Aviation history.



German Aviation 1919 - 1945

This one of the early Aviation Sites, but it is still worth to visit, if you are interested in the German Aviation History up to 1945. This site does not only list the larger companies and well known aircraft types, but also smaller companies. A lot of entries, you will not find at any other Website or even in a book. Most aircraft built in smaller figures have a production list with Serial numbers and known registrations.

Some links generate a "404" error, nevertheless, this site is still an outstanding site regarding its Contents.



Luft'46 by Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson's Luft'46 Site is another Website of the first hours of Homepages. The Website is completely focused on projected Luftwaffe aircraft of the late WWII. From time to time, you might find some informations speculative, however, if you are working on a Topic regarding the late German Aviation developments, Dan's site is a good starting Point.



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