by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Internationale Fluggeraete- und Motoren AG

28.05.1958 at Biberach
by Hans Liebherr (60%) and Vereinigung ehemaliger JFM Angehoeriger (40%)
including Maringer, Kindermann, Ramdohr and other Junkers managers
as Internationale Fluggeraete und Motoren AG

10.12.1959 at Blumberg
by Vereinigung ehemaliger JFM Angehoeriger
as Internationale Fluggeraete und Motoren GmbH

Main Business:
avionic and engine components repair and overhaul
aircraft and engines parts manufacturing (since 1980)

Management Positions:
Hans Liebherr, 1958 - 1959 chairman of IFM AG
Ramdohr, 1959 - , board member
Maringer, 1959 - 13.08.61, board member
K. Rodat, 08.1961 - , board member (former AEG)
W. Koester, 01.1972 - 1993, board member
E. Nass, 04.1976 - , technical board member
H. Baier, 09.1981 - , chairman of the board

Kindermann, 1958 - 1959 supervisory board
Zindel, 1958 - 1959 supervisory board
Ramdohr, 1958 -1959 supervisory board
Maringer, 1958 -1959 supervisory board

Bonn-Godesberg 1958-1959, contact office
Weinhein, 1958 workshops at Funktechnische Werke

After WWII the Vereinigung ehemaliger Junkers Angehoeriger was engaged in the reestablishment of a new Junkers Flugzeugwerk company in the Western parts of Germany. In 1957 this organisation made an offer together with the German industrialist Hans Liebherr for the remains of the former JFM AG. But even when this group was the highest bidder for JFM AG, the German Government decided to sell JFM AG to a consortium of Heinkel and Messerschmitt in February 1958.

Liebherr and the Vereinigung ehemaliger Junkers Angehoeriger now decided to found their own new company. The Internationale Fluggeraete und Motoren AG was founded in May 1958 at Biberach. The name's abbreviation IFM AG was a direct link to the former JFM AG, by which the group intended to transfer the old Junkers mind into the new company.

As a first facility the former Funktechnische Werke at Weinheim were aquired, but a short time later in 1958 Liebherr and the Vereinigung ehemaliger Junkers Angehoeriger get into disputes about their common company and IFM AG was dissolved shortly afterwards.

The Vereinigung ehemaliger Junkers Angehoeriger decided to reestablish another IFM without Liebherr and on 10th December 1959 the Internationale Fluggeraete und Motoren GmbH was founded at Blumberg. The production was started at Weínheim with former Junkers employees. On 23rd June 1960 AEG took over 80% of IFM GmbH.

Initially IFM GmbH was engaged in aircraft parts and component repair at Weinheim. In 1980 IFM GmbH got an approval as an aircraft part manufacturer and in the second half of the 80s the company extended its business into sensor technologies. In 1989 AEG bought the remaining 20% of IFM GmbH from the Junkers Vereinigung. Shortly afterwards the traditional IFM AG was renamed into AEG Sensorsysteme GmbH (ASG). Even if the original JFM AG had already disappeared 20 years before, in 1989 the last remains of Junkers footprints in Germany's industry found their end.

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