by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Ju52 Philatelic Items


Bolivia, May 1938, 50C, MiNr 286

single-colored, ex Aviation Stamp Set of 9 aviation stamps, pricing (*)

Finland, 06.09.1938, 2FM, MiNr 215/34

red colored, ex Postal Series of 20 stamps, pricing (***)
Junkers Ju52 on ground during mail loading

Germany (Reich/Military Stamps), 20.04.1942, 0Pf, MiNr 1

blue-colored, "Military Air Mail Stamp", pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 inflight / several variations and overprints

Germany (Reich), 21.03.1943, 30+30Pf, MiNr 840

green-colored, "German Forces Memorial Day 1943" with 12 stamps ex MiNr. 831 to 842, pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 and parachute jumpers

Bulgaria, 1946, MiNr 534-546

Junkers Ju52 on definite issue of Bulgaria

Turkey, 26.08.1946, 4Ks, MiNr 121 (Donation Stamps)

"War Injuries" with 8 stamps, pricing (***)
Junkers Ju52 inflight

Belgium / Sabena, 1948, no value, MiNr. ????

ex Private Miniature Sheet for "15th Anniversary of Sabena"
Sabena Ju52 OO-AGU on ground

Romania, 1948, MiNr 1164 (ex 1162-1164)

Air Mail Stamp ex a series of 3 stamps
Junkers Ju52 inflight over Romanian city

Central Africa, 24.11.196, 200Fr, MiNr 148

multi-colored, ex "Aircraft" Stamp Set of 6 aviation stamps, pricing (**)
Junkers Ju52 on runway

Bulgaria, 25.11.1965, 1St, MiNr 1583

multi colored, "Air Traffic" with 6 stamps, pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 over Tirnovo

Greece, 1968, MiNr 992 (ex 992-994)

40th Anniversary of Greece Air Force
Junkers Ju52 attacked by Greece fighter aircraft

Germany (FRG), 06.02.1969, 20Pf, MiNr 576

multi-colored, "50 Years German Air Mail" with 2 stamps, pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 (D-2201)

Sweden, 08.09.1972, 15o, MiNr 762

multi colored, "Air Mail Aircraft" booklet 61 with 4 stamps, pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 seaplane at sea

Paraguay, 07.04.1976, 25G, MiNr Sheet 274

multi-colored, "50 Years Lufthansa", pricing (**)
Ju52 in Lufthansa Livery

Paraguay, 09.06.1977, 10G, MiNr 2921

multi-colored, ex "Luposta 77" Stamp Set of 8 aviation stamps
Ju52 structural view at top corner

Mali, 23.10.1978, 130Fr, MiNr 669

multi-colored, ex "Aviation History" Stamp Set of 5 aviation stamps, pricing (*)
Ju52 at top of stamp

Rwanda, 30.10.1978, 55Fr, MiNr 958

multi-colored, ex "Aviation History" Stamp Set of 8 aviation stamps, pricing (*)

Germany (Berlin), 05.04.1979, 50+25Pf, MiNr 593

multi-colored, "Youth Series - Aviation" with 4 stamps, pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 (D-2202) inflight

alternate stamp proposals for this issue:

Djibouti, 21.05.1979, 140Fr, MiNr 248 + Sheet 6

multi-colored, ex "75 Years Powered Flight" Stamp Set of 3 aviation stamps
Ju52 in Luftwaffe livery and Dewoitine D338 inflight

P.R. of Korea, 1980, MiNr ????

miniature sheet for "25th Anniversary of first Lufthansa postwar flight"
Junkers Ju52 drawing on sheet (not on stamp)

Mocambique, 14.05.1981, 1,50MT, MiNr 811

multi-colored, ex "Aviation History" Stamp Set of 6 aviation stamps, pricing (*)

Turkey, 20.05.1983, 50L, MiNr. 2634

Stamp Set "50th Anniversary of Turkish Air Transport" of 2 stamps
Ju52 and B727 on one stamp

Djibouti, xx.xx.1983, 100Fr, MiNr Sheet 77

multi-colored, "50 Years Air France" ex set of 3 miniature sheets
Ju52 in Air France livery on Sheet (not stamp)

Djibouti, 07.10.1983, 250Fr, MiNr Sheet 87

multi-colored, "50 Years Air France", pricing (**)
Ju52 in Air France livery on Sheet

Vietnam, 19.06.1984, 10D, MiNr 1452 / Sheet 28

50th Anniversary of air travel over South Atlantic
issued for the "World Postal Congress 1984" in Hamburg
Junkers Ju52 inflight over African coast line

Botswana, 08.10.1984, 15T, MiNr 347

multi-colored, ex "40th ICAO Anniversary" Stamp Set of 6 aviation stamps, pricing (**)
SAA Ju52, ZS-ALF at a field airport

Libya, 07.12.1984, 70Dh, MiNr 1451

ex "40 Years ICAO" Stamp Set of 16 aviation stamps
Ju52 on runway on lower left stamp

Chile, 04.03.1988, 60p, MiNr 1219

FIDA Expo 1988 in Chile
Ju52 front view

Switzerland, 08.03.1988, 140+60c, MiNr 1369

multi colored, "50 Years Pro Aero", pricing (*)
Junkers Ju52 in Swiss livery in front of Matterhorn
also miniature sheet of 8 stamps available

Guyana, 1990, 20$, ex MiNr 2693-2746

150th Anniversary of Penny Black and 500th Anniversary of Thurn and Taxis
Ju52 during take off

Argentina, 15.09.90, 2500A, MiNr 2038

ex Stamp Set "50 Years of LADE" of 4 aviation stamps

Uruguay, 1993, 5$, MiNr Bl.61

multi-colored, "Exp. Filatelico 1994", miniature sheet with 2 stamps
stamp on stamp with Swiss Ju52 stamp MiNr. 1369

Bulgaria, 1995, $6, MiNr 4182

multi-colored, "Transport Planes", set of 4 stamps

Cuba, 1996, 65, MiNr ????

multi-colored, "Spamer 1996", set of 4 stamps,
Junkers Ju52 in Spanish colors in flight

South Africa, 1998, 45c, MiNr 879

multi-colored, "Aviation in South Africa",
set of 25 stamps combined in miniature sheet

Norway, 18.09.1998, 3.80Kr, MiNr. 1292

Stamp series of 3 stamps for "Opening of Oslo Gardermoen Airport"
Ju52 seaplane drawing on right lower side of stamp

Uruguay, 02.10.1998, $6, MiNr ????, Scott 1741

multi-colored, "Iberoamericana 1998", set of 4 stamps
Junkers Ju52 seaplane in Uruguayan Aeronautical Company (Compañía Aeronáutica Uruguaya Sociedad Anónima- CAUSA)livery

Micronesia, 1999, 32, MiNr ????

multi-colored, set of 4 stamps
Junkers Ju52 D-3131, Hugo Junkers portrait

Portugal, 01.07.1999, 95e, MiNr 2352

multi-colored, 75th Anniversary Portuguese AF
Ju52 in Portuguese colors.

Finland, 2003, 65c, MiNr ????

red, stamp ex stamp booklet with four stamps
Junkers Ju52 seaplane

South Africa, 17.12.2003, Standard Postage, MiNr ????

ex miniature sheet of 10 aviation stamps
issued for "100 Years of Flight"
Junkers Ju52 side view and drawing

Liberia, 2004, 20$, MiNr ????

ex miniature sheet of 6 WWII aviation stamps
Junkers Ju52 in Luftwaffe livery during climb
(probably Iron Annie picture)

P.R. of Korea, ??.??.2004, MiNr n/a

Junkers Ju52 together with W33

Austria, 2005, 0,55E, MiNr none

Personalized issue by Austrian Post Office
Junkers Ju52 D-AQUI of Lufthansa on ground

Liberia, ????, 25$, MiNr ????

multi-colored, Lufthansa Ju52 D-2201
ex miniature-sheet "20th Century by Sea and Air" of 6 stamps



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