by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Historic Flight Organisations

Here you will find links to Operators, who provide historic flight experiences with Junkers aircraft
or who present Junkers aircraft in flying conditions at Airshows.


Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (DLBS)

Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung is the Operator of the famous "D-AQUI" Junkers Ju52 in Germany. DLBS also operates a Dornier Do 27 and a Messerschmitt Me 108 and Supports a lot of historical restoration Projects such as the rebuilt of a Focke-Wulf FW200 and a Lockheed L1649A Starliner.

The extensive Website gives an overview about the DLBS work and Projects and has an extensive media Archive. You will also find the "D-AQUI" flightplans for the actual Season and can book flights for the "D-AQUI" online. In the DLBS Store, you can buy open vouchers for "D-AQUI" flights as well as several collective items and books.

DLBS is also operating a Facebook Timeline, where actual Topics and a lot of side stories to the "D-AQUI" Operation are presented.

This Site and the Facebook entries are worth to visit for Ju52 enthusiasts and a MUST for those, who like to find out, where and when "D-AQUI" is to be seen live. (German Site ... you should check this, as the English Site might leave some Topics) (Englisj Site ... probably missing some Topics of the German Site) (DLBS Facebook Timeline) (D-AQUI Flightplan)




Ju-Air in Switzerland was one of the first Operators, who provides historic flight experience on board three retired Junkers Ju52 of the Swiss Air Force since 1982. The Organisation is located in Dübendorf in Switzerland and works in Close Connection with the Swiss Air Force Center.

The Ju-Air Website is mostly focused on Ju-Air's Flight Programme. You will find Ju-Air's flights for this year's Season as well as a lot of Special Events in Connection with one of Ju-Air's three Ju52s. You can buy vouchers and other collectables in the Ju-Air shop.

In the DOWNLOAD Section, you can download the actual and older GAZETTE newspaper, which provides a lot of stories around the Ju-Air Operation and their aircraft. The Media Section provides press photos and the ABOUT Section gives an interesting history of 35 years of Ju-Air Operations.

There is an English site as well, but check if all German entries are available here.
Latest News about Ju-Air can be found at their Facebook timeline. (German Site) (English Site) (Facebook Timeline)




SAA Museum Society

The South African Airways Museum Society owns several vintage airliners and aircraft, which were previously used in South Africa. Most of them are on static Display in Johannesburg, but there are a few operational aircraft such as a DC3 and two DC4s. The SAA Museum Society also owns a CASA 352, which was brought back into flying condition in 1984. It was grounded several years ago, but meantime expects a new CofA shortly.

The SAA Museum Society provides a lot of Information about its ZS-AFA "Jan van Riebeck" on its Website as well as a lot of photo material. You'll find also a lot of Infos about the other SAA Museum aircraft. (SAA Museum Society Aircraft) (Skyclass Aviation ... SAAMS' Operator for the DC3/4 OPS)



Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis

The French Flying Club Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis is operating a CASA 352 F-AZJU in France. Their French Website gives a lot of Information about all aircraft in their Collection, among them also the CASA 352.

At the ACTUALITES Section Ju52 informations appear from time to time, i.e. their annual flight presentation schedule. (Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis Website) (F-AZJU Presentation) (F-AZJU Flight Schedule 2018)




Military Aviation Museum

The only flyable CASA 352 in the U.S. is located at the home of the Military Aviation Museum at Virgina City. Their Website presents their flyable aircraft to which Gerald Yagen's N352JU belongs. You also find an Event Schedule,

Next to the Military Aviation Museum is the Fighter Factory, which is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the aircraft. (Military Aviation Museum Homepage (Restoration Organisation)



Verein der Freunde historischer Luftfahrzeuge

The "Verein der Freunde historischer Luftfahrzeuge" (Friends of historic Aircraft) is the owner of a CASA 352 HB-HOY, which is operated by Ju-Air and located at the Hugo Junkers Hangar in Moenchengladbach.

Their Website has a lot of detailled informations and photos of the life of HB-HOY. But there is also a lot of Information about Hugo Junkers and his work to be found. The F13 Section gives Background informations about the Rimowa F13 rebuilt. (Homepage of the VFhL) (Hugo Junkers in MG Homepage) (Hugo Junkers Hangar mit Event Schedule)



Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG, Dübendorf

This is the Homepage of the manufacturer of the flyable Junkers F13 Replicas with a lot of Background informations and photos of the Junkers F13 and the replica Rimowa F13. You find also an Event Schedule, where to see the F13 replica flying or in static Exhibition. (Homepage of the Junkers FLugzeugwerke AG)
 (Rimowa F13 Homepage ... currently off) (Rimowa Luggage Manufacturer Homepage with F13 Infos)