by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers EF128 Model Kits


Scale 1:48

Arba Resins, EF128, CK066, ??? parts, price n/a
resin and white metal, seems not to be released yet

HBM, EF128, 359, ??? resin parts, price n/a

Scale 1:72

Airmodel, EF128, cat no. 0101, vacuform, price ???,
More infos and images at Dan Johnson's Model Gallery

Airmodel EF126
(c) John

Huma, EF128, cat no. 3007, injected, price 20-25US$
Read more at Aircraft Resource Center or at SAPMA

Huma EF128 Box Art
(c) Huma

Czechmaster, EF128, 302 / PLT054, resin, price n/a, two kits are available,

(c) John

Czechmaster, EF128 nightfighter, cat no. 303 / PLT055, resin, price ???, two seated

Planet, EF128, cat no. 055, 27 parts, resin, price ???,
seems to be the same model as CMK cat. 303

Planet Models EF128 Box Art
(c) Planet Models

Planet, EF128 nightfighter, cat no. 054, 26 parts, resin, price ???,
Further detailled infos at Modeling Madness or Model Aircraft by Payne

Planet Models EF128 Box Art
(c) Planet Models

Unicraft, EF128 Nightfighter, n/a, vacuform, price 20US$

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