by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Ju86 Model Kits

Scale 1:72

Airmodel, Ju86, AM-181, 153 parts, price n/a
vacuumformed, can be built in 8 different versions.

Aristocraft, Ju86K, ???, ??? parts, price n/a, injection molded, about 1972

Classic Aircraft Collections, Ju86K, GR12, 1 part, price 140US$
This is a remake of Curver's WWII Aircraft Recoginition Model, introduced 2000
read more / order at Aircraftmodels

Classic Aircraft Collections, Ju86-G1, ???, 1 part, price n/a
resin parts, introduced 2000

Cruver, Ju86-K, ???, 1 part, price n/a
WWII Aircraft Recognition Model, cellulose actetate, built in 1942

Italeri, Ju86, 029, ??? parts, price 20US$,
This is one of the civil versions of the Ju86, out of production in 1999
Decals for Lufthansa or Swiss Air Livery included.
More info and images at Julian's Plastic Modelling Page

Italeri, Ju86D1, 114, 118 parts, price: 15-20US$, Aug. 99, limited edtion,
Check Jerry Lawrence Gallery for further infos. 

Italeri, Ju86-E1/E2, 120, ??? parts, price: 10-15US$
This kit is probably the same like the Revell.

Revell, Ju86-D1, 2009, 117 parts, injected, price n/a
This one is a rerelease of Italeri #114. Decals for 33 + D24, 42 + A26 and Spanish Civil and Legion Condor 26o1

Revell, Ju86-E1/E2, J2015, ??? parts, price: n/a, same as Italeri?

Revell, Ju86-Z2, 4260, ??? parts, price: 20-25US$,
Order at Phoenix Models

RS Models, Ju86-R1, 7240, resin conversion, price 15-20US$
40 parts for Italeri kit conversions.

RS Models, Ju86-P1, 7245, resin conversion, price 15-20US$
41 parts for Italeri model kit conversion

RS Models, Ju86P-V1, cat no. 7275, price 15-20US$

Trestors, Ju86-E2, 874, 120 parts, price: 15US$,
injection molded, introduced 1979, in Italian bomber livery

Scale 1:300

Collectair, Ju86R, CGSA-036, ??? parts, price n/a
Wargaming Model, about 1998
Buy at Scotiagrendel

Collectair, Ju86-D, CGSA-041, ??? parts, price n/a
Wargaming Model, about 1998
Buy at Scotiagrendel


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