by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Ju287 Model Kits

Scale 1:72

Airmodel, Ju287, 182, vacuform, 38 parts, price 15-20US$,

Airmodel Junkers Ju287 Model
built by TCAH

Huma, Ju287V1, 5001, injected, 112 parts, price 40-45US$
more infos at Luftwaffe Projekts

Huma Junkers Ju287 Box Art
(c) Huma

Merlin, Ju287V1, ???, ??? parts, injected, price 30US$
This Ju287 is equipped with Luftwaffe decals and registered as RS+RA.

Planet Models, Ju287-V3, 068, 62 resin parts, price n/a
Markings A1+DS

Planet Junkers Ju287 Box Art
(c) Planet Models

PM Models, Ju287-V1, ???, ??? parts, price n/a, unsure if released?

Part Time Models, Ju287V3, cat no. ????, price 35US$, resin
more infos at Luftwaffe Projekts

Part Time Models Junkers Ju287
(c) Part Time Models

Unicraft Griffon, Mistel 4, ????, ???? parts, price n/a, unsure if released

private built, Ju287V1, interesting rebuilt from different sets
built by Rick Geithmann from Airfix He-177, Airfix IL-28, Matchbox Ju188 and Haswgawa Me262
Read more about this kit at Sven Knudson's Homepage

Self-built Ju287 Model
(c) Scen Knudson

Scale 1:300

Navwar, Ju287, NTA-160, assembled metal, price n/a, Wargaming Toy


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