by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Otto Mader Werk

1939 at Dessau

Main Business:
Aircraft Engine Developements
Engine Prototype Construction

Management Positions:
Otto Mader until 1944
Anselm Franz 1944/45

Aken, Altenburg since 1944

Company Development:
Since the mid thirties the Junkers structure was changed to strictly seperated developement and production plattforms. The serial production of aircraft and engines were more and more transfered to locations outside Dessau, i.e. the Ju88 production to Halberstadt, Aschersleben, Stassfurt and Bernburg or they were outsourced to other aviation companies in Germany, i.e. ATG at Leipzig or Weserflug in Lemwerder and Tempelhof. Dessau became more and more the pure developement location of new Junkers aircraft and Junkers engines.

During the second half of the thirties the integration of the Junkers Motorenwerke and the Junkers Flugzeugwerke was dropped for the developement units. The engine design and developement teams were outsourced into the newly formed Otto-Mader-Werke in Dessau.
Otto Mader himself headed the engine developement factory of Junkers until his death in 1944. The Otto Mader Werke were located south of the Koethener Strasse near the former ICO area. The two most important projects at the Otto Mader Werke were the Jumo 222 of Brandner and the first serial produced jet engine Jumo 004 of Franz.

In 1944 the Otto Mader Werke were heavily damaged by the Allied air attacks and the developement offices were transfered from Dessau to Aken and Altenburg until the end of WWII. The usefull remains at Dessau were demounted until 1947 in Dessau and transfered to Russia. This marked the end of the Otto Mader Werke at Dessau.




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