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Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG

Rumpler Werke A.G. founded 1908 at Berlin-Johannisthal
Bayerische Rumpler-Werke A.G. founded 24.10.1916 at Augsburg
Abteilung Luftverkehr founded in 1919 at Berlin

Hugo Junkers (50%)

Management Positions:


Company Development:

Like many other German aircraft manufacturers, Edmund Rumpler was forced to head for other aviation business after WW I. On 13th March 1919 Rumpler Flugzeugwerke AG performed its first test flight with a Rumpler C VI (D-72) from Berlin-Johannisthal to Gotha, Augsburg and Munich. In June 1919 regular scheduled flights between Berlin and Munich were introduced with Rumpler C I and C VI aircraft via Leipzig. The route from Berlin to Leipzig was operated by Rumpler Flugzeugwerke AG in Johannisthal, while the routing from Leipzig to Munich and Augsburg was operated by Bayerische Rumpler-Werke AG in Augsburg, an affilate of Rumpler Flugzeugwerke AG, which was set up in 1916.

However, in Autumn 1919 the liquidation of Rumpler Flugzeugwerke AG in Berlin started on demand of the Allies. Most aircraft of Rumpler Luftverkehr were confiscated and the airline operation had to be stopped. Edmund Rumpler moved to his Augsburg based Bayrische Rumpler Werke AG, which had already changed production towards agricultural engineering and railway repair shops in 1919. Otto Meyer, the managing director of the Augsburg facilities, also worked on aircraft modifications, which converted the military Rumpler C I into a passenger aircraft by adding a small two seated passenger cabin. The Bayrische Rumpler Werke AG finally took over the complete airline operation of Rumpler Luftverkehr from Berlin and operations were restarted on the Augsburg-Munich-Nuremberg-Leipzig-Berlin routing in 1920. In October 1920 a cooperation service from Berlin via Frankfurt to Munich was added together with D.L.R. Magdeburg was integrated on the route from Berlin to Munich.

In 1920 Rumpler Luftverkehr became part of the Lloyd Luftdienst GmbH franchise ring. While the Rumpler Luftverkehr was growing, the Bayrische Rumpler-Werke AG ceased their production in 1922. The air traffic departement of the Bayrische Rumpler-Werke AG were outsourced and set up as an independent company under the name Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG on 30th September 1922. Also in 1922 Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG decided to exchange its older military derivate aircraft for modern passenger airliners of Junkers. When Lloyd Luftdienst GmbH merged with D.L.R. into Deutscher Aero Lloyd, Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG left the consortium and joint the Junkers Luftverkehr. Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG became member of the "Transeuropa Union" and later of the "Europa Union" serving the classic Rumpler routes from Munich to Berlin within this consortiums.

When Junkers Luftverkehr collapsed in 1925 and was absorbed by the newly founded Luft Hansa, the operational units of Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG were also integrated within the new Luft Hansa airline. Rumpler Luftverkehrs AG itself received shares of Luft Hansa for the former Rumpler assets, which were interegrated into Luft Hansa.

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