by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Zweigwerk Aschersleben

Ju88 Fuselage Production at Aschersleben
At Aschersleben was the Junkers serial fuselage production facility. In April 1935 tools were transfered to Aschersleben and already in May 1935 the first fuselages were built here. The facility was located in the Wilslebener Strasse 9 near the socalled Seewiesen, where an airfield was erected as well. It was located at the former site of the Aschersleben Maschinenbau AG (AMA). The Aschersleben shop area reached 564 thousand square metres and about 6000 people were busy here.

Since July 1944 about 950 KZ prisoners were forced to work at the Junkers Flugzeugwerke in Aschersleben. In April 1945 the production was ceased. On 17th April 1945 U.S. forces occupied Aschersleben, but on 23rd May 1945 the city was handed over to the British forces and later on 1st July 1945 it was finally handed over to the Soviets.

01.04.1942 first British bomb attack
14.01.1944 bomb attack at Muna facility, light damages at Junkers
14.02.1944 bomb attack at Junkers
20.02.1944 U.S. day attack, failed target due to cloudy weather
22.02.1944 bomb attack at Junkers, 80 people killed
29.06.1944 bomb attack at Junkers and Muna
07.07.1944 bomb attack at Junkers, 7 people killed

At the end of WWII Junkers-Aschersleben was mostly intact and the production was just changing for the Heinkel He162 production, when U.S. forces occupied the facility on 17th April 1945. Most installations were demontaged and transfered to Kiev in Russia by the Soviets in 1946. The remaining facility buildings at Aschersleben were later used by VEB Kombinat Fritz Heckert. Today the areal is used by Schiess AG.


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