by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers A50 Production List


J3500, JU A50 J50/I
JUNKERS, D-, 1929, A50 Prototype
J3501, JU A50 ba
JUNKERS, D-1681, Feb. 29 to Mrz.32, probably one fo the A50 Prototype Series, scrapped
J3502, JU A50 be
JUNKERS, D-1682, Jul. 29, probably one fo the A50 Prototype Series
to PRIVATE (Mueller), D-1682, Sep. 29 to Mrz.32, cancelled
J3503, JU A50 be
JUNKERS, D-1683, Jul. 29 to Nov.29, probably one fo the A50 Prototype Series, participated in Europe Round Flight 1929, destroyed
J3504, JU A50 A50/4
JUNKERS, D-, 1929, probably one fo the A50 Prototype Series
J3505, JU A50 A50/5
JUNKERS, D-1772, Nov. 29 to Sep.30, probably one fo the A50 Prototype Series, crashed
J3506, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1784, Jan. 30
LEICHTFLUGZEUGCLUB MUNCHEN, D-1784, Aug. 31 to Nov.31, sold to unknown
to PRIVATE (Schneider), D-1784, Jun. 33 to Jun.37, cancelled
J3507, JU A50 du
to AUSTRALIA (Berrymann), VH-UNO, Mrz. 30 to Jul.30, named 'Wendouree', crashed at Sydney
J3508, JU A50
no info
J3509, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1792, Feb. 30, sold outside Germany
VARIG, P-BAAH, Feb. 32, named 'Bage', scrapped
J3510, JU A50 ce
LUFTHANSA, D-1789, Feb. 30
J3511, JU A50 du
SOUTH WEST AFRICAN AIRWAYS, ZS-ABV, Apr. 30 to Jun.31, written off at Marienthal
J3512, JU A50 ce
to ENGLAND, G-AATH, Mrz. 30, cancelled
JUNKERS, D-2155, Feb. 31
PRIV: Haefner, Berlin, D-2155, Okt. 31
PRIV: Branz, Muenchen, D-2155, Feb. 32
J3513, JU A50 ce
LUFTHANSA, D-1790, Feb. 30 to Okt.31, destroyed
J3514, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1802, Mrz. 30
J3515, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1794, Mrz. 30 to Nov.36, crashed
J3516, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1810, Mrz. 30
to PRIVATE (Gottwald), D-1810, Apr. 31 to 1934, located at Breslau
PRIV: Gremm/Hilscher, Breslau, D-1810, Aug. 34
J3517, JU A50 ce
to AUSTRALIA (Berrymann), VH-, Mrz. 30
to AUSTRALIA (Parker), VH-UCC, 1935
to AUSTRALIA (Betts), VH-UCC, Jun. 51
to AUSTRALIA (Helps), VH-UCC, Aug. 54 to Jun.59, registration cancelled
to AUSTRALIA (Yager), VH-MRR, Nov. 76, reregistered and wfu again
to AUSTRALIA (Rose), VH-MRR, 1983, still used
J3518, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1803, Mrz. 30 to Jun.32, sold outside Germany
VARIG, PP-VAI, ??.??.?? to 1943, named 'Minuano'
to PRIVATE (Pena), PP-REL, Jun. 44 to Sep.49, crashed
J3519, JU A50 ce
to PRIVATE (Etzdorf), D-1811, Apr. 30, based at Berlin
to JAPAN, J-BESB, Aug. 31 to Apr.32, crashed
J3520, JU A50 ce
PRIV: Soc. de Flygmateriel, Stockholm, SE-92, Apr. 30, built at Limhamn with parts from Dessau
SVENSKA LUFTFARTSFORBUNDET, SE-ACI, Mai. 30 to Sep.30, crashed at Stockholm
J3521, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1822, Apr. 30
to PRIVATE (Meyer), D-1822, Sep. 30, based at Hamburg
to PRIVATE (Mutschmann), D-1822, Mai. 32, based at Plauen
J3522, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1828, Apr. 30
to PRIVATE (Steitz), D-1828, Jun. 31 to Dez.36, based at Berlin, wfu
J3523, JU A50
to UK, G-AAXB, Mai. 30 to Apr.31, wfu
J3524, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1842, Mai. 30
PRIV: Dr. Fritsch, Plauen, D-1842, Sep. 32
DLV, D-EDUX, Feb. 34
DVL, D-EDUX, Feb. 34 to Feb.38, cancelled
J3525, JU A50
to SOUTH AMERICA, CX-ABO, 1931 to Feb.46, crashed
PRIV: Hawbridge, Canada, CF-ANJ, Feb. 35
J3526, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1865, Jun. 30 to Aug.30, crashed
J3527, JU A50 ce
LUFTFAHRTVEREIN AACHEN, D-1868, Jun. 30 to Nov.36, scrapped
J3528, JU A50 ci
JUNKERS, D-1821, ??.??.??, single seated version
to PRIVATE (Bruegmann), D-1821, Mai. 30
DLV, D-1821, Feb. 34 to Jan.37, destroyed
J3529, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1914, Jul. 30 to Sep.30, Stored at Dessau
to JAPAN, J-BESB, Mrz. 31 to Mai.31, named 'Hotchi I', crashed at Sinchi Island, Japan. Probably repaired as Hotchi No. 6?
J3530, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1915, Jul. 30 to Nov.36, sold outside Germany
PRIV: Bremer, Finland, OH-ABB, Mrz. 31, named 'Junnu', used for Cape Town Flight in 1931
to FINLAND (Suomalainen), OH-ABB, 1965
to FINLAND (Mantynen), OH-ABB, Apr. 66
to FINLAND (SUOMEN ILMAILULITTO OY), OH-ABB, Jun. 67 to Okt.73, wfu, today on display at Helsinki Airport
J3531, JU A50
JUNKERS, ?????, 1930, used as a demonstrator
CHINA AERO CLUB, ?????, Mrz. 34, named 'Tien Chu 2'
J3532, JU A50
to SOUTH AMERICA, ?????, ??.??.??
J3533, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1896, Jun. 30 to Jun.30, crashed
J3534, JU A50 ce
LUFTHANSA, D-2166, Sep. 31
VARIG, P-BAAE, Nov. 31, named 'Bage'
VARIG, PP-VAE, ??.??.?? to 1944, crashed at Porto Alegre?
J3535, JU A50 ce
PRIV: Michaelis, Dessau, D-EGIN, Mai. 34
PRIV: Meyer, Hamburg, D-EGIN, Jan. 37
JUNKERS, D-EGIN, Apr. 37 to Feb.38, cancelled
J3536, JU A50
no info
J3537, JU A50 ci
JUNKERS, D-2208, 1931, A50ci Prototype
LUFTHANSA, D-2208, Feb. 32
J3538, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1862, Jul. 30, participated in Deutschlandflug 1930
J3539, JU A50 ci
LUFTHANSA, D-2209, Jul. 30 to Jun.32, crashed at Munster
J3540, JU A50 ci
JUNKERS, D-1863, Jul. 30, participated in Deutschlandflug 1930
PRIV: Kleist+Co, Leipzig, D-1863, Aug. 31
DLV, D-1863, Okt. 33
DLV, D-ENUF, 1934
J3541, JU A50 ci
LUFTHANSA, D-2210, Feb. 32
J3542, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-1864, Jul. 30 to Feb.31, participated in Deutschlandflug 1930, destroyed
J3543, JU A50 ci
PRIV: Meyer, Hamburg, D-2240, Apr. 32
LUFTSPORTVERBAND (Niedersachsen), D-2240, Jul. 33
DLV, D-2240, Aug. 33
DLV, D-ELAR, 1934
J3544, JU A50 ci
DLV, D-2644, Okt. 33
DLV, D-EHIT, 1934 to Feb.38, cancelled
J3545, JU A50 ci
DLV, D-2645, Okt. 33
DVL, D-EFOV, 1934 to Feb.38, cancelled
J3546, JU A50 ci
DLV, D-2646, Okt. 33 to Mrz.34, crashed
J3547, JU A50 ci
DLV, D-2647, Sep. 33, participated in Deutschlandflug 1934
DLV, D-ENOK, 1934
J3548, JU A50 ci
DLV, D-2648, Okt. 33, participated in Deutschlandflug 1934
DLV, D-EFIQ, 1934
J3549, JU A50 ci
LUFTSCHIFFHAFEN GOTHA, D-2641, Okt. 33, participated in Deutschlandflug 1934
DLV Gotha, D-2641, Mrz. 34
J3550, JU A50 ce
to SWEDEN, SE-ACM, Sep. 30, built in Limhamn with parts from Dessau
PRIV: Risztics, Dessau, D-2292, Sep. 32
DLV, D-2292, Sep. 33
to PRIVATE, D-EZOT, Sep. 34 to Okt.38, cancelled
J3551, JU A50 ci
DLV Gotha, D-2642, Mrz. 34
DLV Gotha, D-EPUL, Jun. 34
J3552, JU A50 ce
JUNKERS, D-3, Aug. 30, ferry flight registration
to JAPAN (Yoshihara), J-BECB, Sep. 30, (or August 1931?)
J3553, JU A50 du
J3554, JU A50 ce
LUFTHANSA, D-1266, Sep. 31, (not confirmed by Ries List)
J3555, JU A50
no info
J3556, JU A50
no info
J3557, JU A50
no info
J3558, JU A50
to JAPAN, J-BENB, Apr. 31 to Jul.31, named 'Hotchi No. 2', crashed at Nemuro Bay, Japan
J3559, JU A50
no info
J3560, JU A50 ci
LUFTSCHIFFHAFEN GOTHA, D-2712, Okt. 33, participated in Deutschlandflug 1934
DLV Gotha, D-ETOF, Mrz. 34 to Mrz.39, cancelled
NSFK, D-ETOF, Sep. 38
J3561, JU A50
no info
J3562, JU A50 ci
LUFTHANSA, D-2691, Okt. 33
J3563, JU A50 ce
PRIV: Meyer, Hamburg, D-EJUN, Mrz. 38
J3564, JU A50
no info
J3565, JU A50 ci
DVL, D-1986, Jan. 31 to Mai.32, destroyed
J3566, JU A50 ci
DVL, D-1987, Jan. 31
AKAFLIEG AACHEN, D-1987, Okt. 31 to Dez.32, crashed
J3567, JU A50
no info
J3568, JU A50 ci
PRIV: Mayer, Hamburg, D-2586, Jul. 33
J3569, JU A50
no info
J3570, JU A50
no info
J3571, JU A50
no info
J3572, JU A50 ci
PRIV: Boehm, Cottbus, D-1999, Mrz. 31
DLV, D-ENIM, Jul. 34, bought
J3573, JU A50 ci
LUFTHANSA, D-2108, Jul. 31
unknown, D-ENJA, 1934
J3574, JU A50 ci
LUFTHANSA, D-2109, Jul. 31
unknown, D-EDAQ, 1934
J3575, JU A50 ci
VERKEHRSFLUG GMBH, D-2054, Mai. 31 to Jun.33, sold outside Germany
PRIV: Borner, Switzerland, CH-358, Jun. 33
PRIV: Wyrsch, Switzerland, HB-UXI, Jan. 35 to 1966, on display at Goppingen since 1966
DEUTSCHES MUSEUM, D-2054, 1975, since 1988 on display at Deutsches Museum, Munich
J3576, JU A50 ce
to FINLAND (Yliesikunta), OH-SKY, Mai. 29 to Mai.36
J3577, JU A50 ci
PRIV: Mueller, Dessau, D-2010, Feb. 31
LUFTHANSA, D-2010, Okt. 31
DVS, D-2010, Okt. 33
J3578, JU A50
no info
J3579, JU A50 ci
PRIV: v. Vlothen, Dessau, D-2011, Mrz. 31
LUFTHANSA, D-2011, Okt. 31 to Okt.36, scrapped
J3580, JU A50 ci
to SWEDEN, SE-ACX (or SE-ACS?), Mai. 31 to Jul.35
PRIV: Neuthiec, France, F-AOZZ, Jul. 36
PRIV: Huygevelde, France, F-AOZZ, Aug. 47
J3581, JU A50 ci
LUFTHANSA, D-2039, Dez. 31
J3582, JU A50 ci
PRIV: Olex GmbH, Berlin, D-2042, Mai. 31
PRIV: Gotthold, Breslau, D-2042, Apr. 32, cvt. to A50ce in 04.32
PRIV: Gotthold, Breslau, D-EGBE, 1934
J3583, JU A50 du
PRIV: Hoepfner, SWA, ZS-ACJ, Feb. 31
PRIV: Dempers, South Africa, ZS-ACJ, ??.??.??
SAAF, "2034", Mrz. 40 to Jul.44, wfu and scrapped
J3584, JU A50 du
PRIV: Hoepfner, SWA, ZS-ACK, Feb. 31
PRIV: Hesselson, South Africa, ZS-ACJ, ??.??.?? to Mai.40
PRIV: Schalkwyk/Marais, South Africa, ZS-ACL, ??.??.??
SAAF, "1551", Mai. 40 to Dez.43, wfu and scrapped
J3585, JU A50 du
PRIV: Hoepfner, SWA, ZS-ACL, Feb. 31
SAAF, "2035", Mai. 40 to Jul.44, wfu and scrapped
Jxxxx, JU A50
PORTUGUESE AIR FORCE, ?????, 1931 to 1934, named 'Foguete'
Jxxxxd3092, JU A50
unknown, D-3092, ??.??.??
Jxxxxdeejir, JU A50 ci
DVL, D-EJIR, Apr. 37, bought from third party
Jxxxxdemot, JU A50 ce
DLV, D-EMOT, Mrz. 36, bought from third party
DVL, D-EMOT, Aug. 37 to Apr.39, cancelled
Jxxxxhajaa, JU A50
HUNGARIAN AIR FORCE, I.120, ??.??.??
to HUNGARY, HA-JAA, 1937, named 'Tisza', located at Siofok hydroplane stations
Jxxxxhajab, JU A50
to HUNGARY, HA-JAB, 1937, named 'Duna', located at Siofok hydroplane stations
Jxxxxhajac, JU A50
to HUNGARY, HA-JAC, 1937, named 'Balaton', located at Siofok hydroplane stations
Jxxxxhajoj, JU A50
to HUNGARY, HA-JOJ, 1934, might be 3553?
Jxxxxhamax, JU A50
to HUNGARY, HA-MAX, 1937, used by Prince Odescalchi, later Aviation Sports Club

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