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Junkers Topic Websites

Here we list Websites, which are exclusively focused on a Junkers Topic
or which have  remarkable or significant Junkers contents.


Hugo Junkers - Ein Leben für die Technik by Bernd Junkers

This German Homepage is provided by Bernd Junkers, one of Hugo Junkers' grandson. The site is dedicated to the period from Hugo Junkers' birth to his death in 1935. The site provides a lot of first-told stories, written by Junkers' experts.

You'll find stories about Hugo Junkers's life and Family, his companies and his aircraft. Do not expect stories about the Junkers Flugzeug- and Motorenwerke after 1935.

This site is a MUST for all Junkers interested vistors.
If you are not capable to read the German text, use a Website translator!



Junkers-Pfad Dessau

This great Site is operated by the Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers in Dessau. It offers a virtual City tour through Dessau to the last remaining Junkers Locations in the City. There is a lot of detailled Background Information for each Location and a lot of historic photo material.

This site is a MUST, if you intend to visit Dessau and to take a look at the last remaining items of the former Junkers facilities. (Homepage of the Junkers-Pfad)




Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers, Dessau

This is the Website of the Technikmuseum "Hugo Junkers" in Dessau. Of Course, there are a lot of Museums, where you can find Junkers exhibits. But the work of the Technikmuseum in Dessau is something Special in the preservation of the last remains of the work of Hugo Junkers and the Junkers Flugzeugwerke in Dessau. The Museum is exclusively focused on the Junkers Topic.

On their Website the Museum informs about the current and previous Projects, i.e. the current Junkers J1 replica construction. You could also get Infos about presentations and Events at the Museum and a lot of further stuff. (Homepage of the Technikmuseum)



Junkers Ju 52 Archiv by Bernd Pirkl

This German Website is hosted by Bernd Pirkl and is fully dedicated to the Junkers Ju52 as well as the French built AAC.1 and Spanish built CASA 352.
It is currently definetly one of the best Ju52 sites, which is available at the WWW.

Bernd is an expert for the Ju52 survivors, which he presented at his site very detailled. He is observing the current developments of Museum aircraft and wrecks and his overview is one of the most accurate at the WWW.

Another most interesting section of his site is the Junkers Ju52, AAC.1 and CASA 352 production list section, where Bernd presented his Knowledge of any individual Serial number of the Ju52/AAC.1/CASA 352. Even if there are definetly mistakes, Bernd's lists are the currently most advanced Approach at the WWW.

The historical and technical Backgrounds of the Ju52 is just mentioned briefly,

You don't Need much understanding of the German language for the production lists.
For the other pages, simply use an online Website translator.
It is definetly worth to visit and a MUST for the Ju52 Enthusiast.



Ju 388 Homepage by Christoph Vernaleken

Christoph's Homepage is completely dedicated to the Junkers Ju 388. It is one the very first Junkers thematic Homepages, which was already online some 20 years ago. Christoph offers a lot of detailled informations and documents about the Ju 388 development as well as about the test in the U.S. after WWII. He also has a great photo series from the test aircraft, which today is stored in the U.S.



Junkers-Bosch Homepage

This is the Company Homepage of Junkers-Bosch Thermotechnik, which is the last remaining Junkers corporation today. It is part of the Robert Bosch AG since 1932, when it was sold by Junkers. Today it is focused on the developement of gasboilers.



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