by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Saechsische Luftverkehrs AG

12th March 1924 in Dresden as a shareholding company

Elektra A.G.
Bank of Saxony
Hugo Junkers (26%)
Kraftwerks AG Dresden

Management Positions:
Paul Weidner - Executive Board Member

Berlin - Dresden - Nuremberg (08.08.1924)
Dresden/Leipzig - Erfurt - Kassel - Essen/Dorsten (1925)

Company Development:

The Dresden based Sachsische Luftverkehrs AG was founded on 12th March 1924. This airline already performed some charter and sightseeing flights before. On March, 12th 1924 the airline was transformed into a shareholding company, in which Junkers, the Elektra AG and the bank of Saxony took shares. Junkers owned about 26% of this company. Operations were started on April, 7th 1924 and since August, 8th 1924 a daily service from Berlin to Dresden and Nuremberg connected Saxony to the Union's network. During October to December just the Berlin to Dresden leg was flown. In 1925 a route from Dresden and Leipzig via Erfurt, Kassel and Essen was established. The Sachsische Luftverkehrs AG became an offical member of the Transeuropa Union on April, 26th 1924.

Additionally to the two F13 aircraft, which were delivered to Sächsicher Luftverkehrs AG, a total of 5 F13 aircraft and 4 G24 were added to the fleet until 1925. After the foundation of Deutsche Luft Hansa this fleet was integrated into Luft Hansa's fleet in 1926.

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