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Ungarischer Aeroexpress

Junkers F13 of Aeroexpress at Vienna/River Danube

December 1922 in Budapest

Hugo Junkers

Management Positions:
Hans Sachsenberg (Supervisory Board since July 1923)

Vienna, Budapest

Company Development:

Following WWI the Allies banned most air operations in Germany, Austria and Hungary. On November, 19th 1922 the ban of any flying operation in Hungary was lifted. At once Junkers began negotiations with Hungarian officals and industrials about the foundation of a new airline in Hungary and in December 1922 the Ungarische Aeroexpress A.G. was founded in Budapest.

Again Junkers supplied four F13 aircraft to the new company for his shares. Operations of Aeroexpress were started in January 1923. For take off and landing the River Danube was used, where the aircraft anchored at the Hotel Gellért. At first these operations were non scheduled sightseeing flights around Hungary and propaganda flights for the government. The start of scheduled services on behalve Junkers Luftverkehr had to be delayed, as Aeroexpress had to pass the Austrian air corridor on flights to Germany. Junkers' negotiations upon this questions were still not finished in the beginning of 1923. First Junkers Luftverkehr flights were operated by Aeroexpress on July, 15th 1923.

In 1924 the Aeroexpress services came to an end, after the Hungarian government granted exclusive air operation rights to Malert as the Hungarian flag carrier. The company was dissolved in 1926, when Junkers Luftverkehrs A.G. was integrated into Lufthansa.

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