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Bayerischer Luft-Lloyd

16.06.1919 in Munich-Oberschleissheim

Bavarian Government
Munich Industrials
Hugo Junkers (50% since 1923)

Management Positions:

Munich - Vienna

Company Development:
Bayerischer Luft Lloyd was founded on 16th June 1919 in Munich. Initial test flights were performed from Munich to Constance in 1919. Regular services were intended for Summer 1920. A special route to Dresden and Innsbruck was under developement for which Bayrischer Luft Lloyd founded a Dresden based subsidary called Aero Lloyd GmbH, Dresden. However, in March 1920 all aircraft of Bayerischer Luft Lloyd were confiscated by Allied forces. Therefore scheduled flights had to be delayed until 11th April 1921, when Bayerischer Luft Lloyd started its daily operations from Munich to Constance. The Dresden routing was cancelled. Instead a cooperation with Rumpler Luftverkehr was formed for the Munich-Dresden legs. The Constance destination had a direct link to the Augsburg/Berlin routing of Rumpler Luftverkehr and were operated with Rumpler C I and Albatros L50 aircraft. The Dresden based Aero Lloyd GmbH was closed in 1921.

As the former military aircraft of Bayerischer Luft-Lloyd did not match the expectations of the passengers, BLL was looking for modern passenger aircraft, like the Junkers F13. On the other hand Junkers was looking for a new network partner in Southern Germany. Therefore both companies agreed, that Junkers provided two Junkers F13 for BLL services in the Bavarian area. Junkers received 50% of BLL's shares in exchange for these aircraft. Gotthard Sachsenberg signed the agreement with BLL on 20th November 1921. The aircraft deal was not directly performed by Junkers, but by Danziger Luftpost, which provided two aircraft of its fleet.

The remaining 50% were holded by the Bavarian Government and Munich based trade people. Bayerischer Luft Lloyd started a Munich-Vienna service with the two new F13 aircraft, connecting the Rumpler Berlin-Munich service to Austria.

In May 1923 Bayerischer Luft Lloyd joint the "Transeuropa Union" and later the "Europa Union" of Junkers Luftverkehr. Bayerischer Luft Lloyd continued operations under the name of Junkers Luftverkehr since 1923. Since October 1924 discussions between the Bavarian Government, some Bavarian aircraft manufacturers like Udet, BMW and the Province Wurttemberg took place. Participating was Deutscher Aero Lloyd, who purposed the foundation of a second new airline in Bavaria. The new airline as founded in March 1925 as Sueddeutsche Luftverkehrs A.G, but was renamed into
Bayerische Luftverkehrs A.G shortly afterwards. Bayerischer Luft-Lloyd now lost the support of the Bavarian Government and the liquidation process was started in 1925. In January 1926 Luft Hansa took over the BLL shares, which were holded by Junkers. Shortly afterwards the company was finally dissolved.

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