by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers GmbH Ju-003

In 1957 the West German "Junkers Flugzeug- und Motrenwerke AG" was sold to Heinkel and Messerschmitt. The Company was transfered from Essen to Heinkel in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. The Junkers Team took over some of the projected layout studies of fighter aircraft Jet engines from Heinkel.

One engine investigated by the Junkers Team was the Heinkel He S053. This engine was developed by Heinkel in 1954 for a Heinkel fighter aircraft for the Egyptian Air Force. The He S053 was a single shaft axial turbine engine with after burner with 9000kp thrust or 6500kp thrust without after burner. The engine had an 11 stages compressor, nine burner Chambers and two turbine stages. Three prototype engines were completed before the Project was stopped due to political changes in Egypt. When the BMVg was interested in a study for a German fighter Jet engine, the He S053 was investigated by the Heinkel Team, but later handed over to the new Junkers Team. The Investigation Designator for the He S065 became Ju-003.

Based on the He S065 the Junkers Team performed a complete reengineering of the engine under the Designator Ju-003 up to the prototype Level, but no prototypes were built.


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