by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers A50 Survivors

Junkers A50 (Original on Display)
Suomen Ilmailumuseo
Helsinki Airport, Finland

SNo. 3530, RNo. OH-ABB

The c/n 3530 was built in 1930 and registered D-1915. Later the aircraft was sold to Finland as OH-ABB named Junnu. The aircraft was used for expedition flights to Capetown and for world surrounding flight. Today OH-ABB is owned by SUOMEN ILMAILUMUESO at Helsinki, Finland. It is on display at the airport in the departure hall


Junkers A50 (Original, on Display)
Deutsches Museum
Munich, Germany

SNo. 3575, RNo. D-2054

This aircraft is on display at the DEUTSCHES MUSEUM at Munich since 1988. It was built in 1931 and delivered to Deutsche Verkehrsflug AG as D-2054. In 1933 the aircraft was sold to Switzerland, where it was registered as CH-358 and later as HB-UXI Since 1966 the aircraft belonged to the Ulmer Collection at Goppingen, Germany and in 1974 it was aquired by the DEUTSCHES MUSEUM, which restaurated the aircraft until 1988.


Junkers A50 (Original, stored in flying condition)
Private Owned
Port Macquarie, Australia

SNo. 3517, RNo. VH-UCC

In 1930 two A50's were sold to Australia. They should be used for a distance record flight, but the first aircraft crashed a few weeks after delivery. C/n 3517 remained in Australia without performing the record flight. In 1936 it was registered VH-UCC and was used trough the years by some farmers in Australia. In 1963 the aircraft was bought by an enthusiast and was totally rebuilt. In 1976 the aircraft was again registered as VH-MRR in the colours of Cathay Pacific. It is equipped with an Amstrong Genet Junior engine. In 2006 the aircraft was sold to Germany. In Dessau it was shortly on Display at the Technikmuseum before it was transfered to several Workshops for Restauration. The Restauration program is still on its way.


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