by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Jumo 211 Survivors


Jumo 211
Technikmuseum Berlin, Germany


Jumo 211D (probably a J-1)
USAF Museum, Dayton, USA

( Highflier)


Jumo 211B/D
Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin, Germany

The Museum has another unrestored Jumo 211D engine on Display as well

( MisterBee1966)


Jumo 211
Wehrtechnische Sammlung, Koblenz, Germany


Jumo 211F
Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany

(, Kogo)


Aviation Museum Cracow, Poland


Avia M211 (Czech Jumo 211C)
Kbely Aviation Museum, Prague, Czech Republik



Jumo 211
Technikmuseum Speyer, Germany

(, Kozuch)


Jumo 211
Technikmuseum Sinsheim, Germany



Jumo 211B/D
Luchtoorlogsmuseum Fort bij Veldhuis, Netherlands

(Wikimedia, happy days photo and art)


Jumo 211
War Museum, La Valetta, Malta


Jumo 211
Great Patriotic War Museum, Moscow, Russia

(Wikimedia,org, Mike1979)


Jumo 211J, WNr. 4345
Aviation Museum Tikkakoski, Finland

This engine was used on several Luftwaffe Ju88s and was handed over later to the Finish Air Force, who used it on Ju88-A4 "JK-253"

(, MKFI)


Jumo 211J-1
Norwegian Air Force Museum, Bodo, Norway


Army Museum, Brussels, Belgium
Jumo 211


Jumo 211
Luftfahrthistorische Sammlung, Finow, Germany


Jumo 211
Imperial War Museum, Duxford, UK

This engine was salvaged from a Heinkel He111


Jumo 211
Museo della Piazzaforte, Augusta, Scilia, Italy
Recovered from Ju 88, engine has W.Nr. 9-211-06-0012

Jumo 211
Science Museum, Wroughton, U.K.
engine is stored



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