by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers L8

Six Cylinder, four strokes, water-cooled, developed 1927/28

The Junkers L8 engine was the next developement step from the L2 and L5. It was developed for the demand of large scale aircraft like the Junkers G38. It offered additional 25% power compared to the Junkers L5 engine. The Junkers L8 was also the first Junkers aircraft engine, which was equipped with a geared propeller system

Only a few L8 engines were built and in 1929 they were used on the
Junkers G38 as the outboard engines. Like the Junkers L5 also the Junkers L8 was used as the plattform for another twelve cylinder engine, the Junkers L88, which finally took over the role of the pure L8 engine within large scale aircraft.

Technical Data:

Engine Designator year Cyl. Bore
in mm
in mm
in litres
in %
in m
in m
in m
in kg
T/O Power
in kW
Cruise Power
in kW
L 8 1928 6 160 190 22,9 5,5 1,75 1,28 0,56 420 308 264 2100 313

Aircraft Types equipped with L 8:

Junkers A35be
The Junkers A35be was originally equipped with L5 engines.
A single A35 was used as a testbed for the L8 engine.
D-964 was equipped with this engines and several other modifications
and was used for experimental trials on the G38 development.

Junkers G38a
The G38 prototype D-2000 was equipped with two L8 engines
together with a further two L55/L88 engines in 1929.
Later these engines were changed to Junkers Jumo 204As.
The second G38 instead got the further improved L88a engines.





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