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other Russian Junkers Facilities


Factory No. 500 at Tuschino
Another facility with German Junkers employees was the Factory 500 at the city of Tuschino near Moscow. This facility was specialized on Diesel engines. The group was also transfered from Dessau to Tuschino on 22nd October 1946. It was headed by
Manfred Gerlach. Initial work was focused on the improvement of the Jumo 224. A total of 45 engineers were busy at Tuschino. But as the Russian staff at Tuschino was working on an own Diesel engine design, the M-224 as it was called by now, was cancelled. In 1950 all German staff at Tuschino were transfered to Experimental Plant No. 2 at Kuibyschew.

Factory No. 16 at Kazan
The Factory No. 16 had a few German members. The facility was built up by equipment from the BMW facility in Basdorf. The BMW 003C developement was taken over from the Experimental Plant No. 2 in 1947. However, it is not known, when this developement was finished and when the German staff was tansfered to Kuibyschew.

Factory No. 26 at Ufa
Probably Factory No. 26 had also some German design people. This factory was built up with equipment from the Nordwerke at Nordhausen and the Junkers Motorenwerke at Koethen. It took over the developement of the Jumo 004 from Experimental Plant No. 2, but it might be, that the staff at Factory No. 26 was completely Russian.

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