by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Corporation of America (Jucoram)

(also known as American Junkers Company)

ICO Marketing Stamps for the
World Exhibition of 1904 in St. Louis

1914 - American Junkers Company in New York
05.07.1924 - Junkers Corporation of America - Jucoram, New York

Main Business:
Sale of Junkers products in North America

Management Positions:
Dr. F.E. Junge - American Junkers Company
William Knight - Jucoram

284St. Pau's Ave, New York (Sales Office only!) since 1914
342 Madison Ave, New York (Canadian Pacific Building) since 1924

The importance of the U.S. market was discovered by Hugo Junkers very early. Shortly after he had founded the
Hugo Junkers Civilingenieur company in Dessau for the further developement of the Kaloriemeter, he travelled to the U.S.A. for visiting the World Exhibition of 1893 in Chicago. Here he promoted and presented his Kaloriemeter. At the World Exhibition of 1904 in St. Louis Junkers + Co. participiated with its thermo products and promoted Junkers products and patents. Also Hugo Junkers saved a lot of his developements in the U.S. with own patents, which he offered for sale.

In 1914 Hugo Junkers founded the American Junkers Company at New York. The major purpose of this company was the holding of Junkers U.S. patent rights and the sale of these rights to third parties. During WWI all Junkers' patents in the U.S. were confiscated. Therefore at least in 1917 this company came to an end and was dissolved.

In 1920 Junkers and Junge tried to restart U.S. activities for the sale of ICO bath stoves from Germany. The Junkers-Larsen deal was handled separate from the American Junkers Company, which was fully concentrated on ICO products. Nevertheless, the success of Junge in America was not convincing.

In May 1924 Hugo Junkers travelled to the U.S.A. for a second time. Following the disaster of the Junkers-Larsen deal, Junkers hoped to find new entries into the U.S. aircraft market. On 5th July 1924 the Junkers Corporation of America was founded in New York. In opposite to the former American Junkers Company, which was just responsible for ICO products, the Jucoram was a representative organisation for all Junkers companies in Germany and for all Junkers products at the U.S. market.

This company existed for several years. Nevertheless, there was only little success in selling Junkers products in the U.S. Mostly license agreements were handled. But the entry into the U.S. aviation market was unsuccessfull.


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