by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Achilles, Paul since 20. April 1929 with Junkers Luftverkehr Persia

Acosta, Bertram since 1920 with Junkers-Larsen Cooperation

Aland, Erich since 1921 with Lloyd Ostflug, 1923, Spitzbergen Expedition, 1924 to Dornier

Angermund, Walter since 1922 with Transeuropa Union until 1924

Bauerhin, Kurt since 1921 with Junkers Luftverkehr Russland, Night Ops Germany, Persia until 1925

Berndt, Herrmann since 1927 with Lloyd Aero Boliviano, died during crash in July 1928 in Bolivia

Berr, Carl since 1923 with Junkers Luftverkehr, moved to Lufthansa 1926

Bianchi, Ferdinando since 1923 with Oelag, later also in South America until 1935

Bieberstein, Heinrich since 1922 with Junkers Luftverkehr

Boy, Herbert since 1924 Scadta pilot, first flight Colombia-Ecuador, left Junkers 1930

Bremer, Waino since 1926 Junkers Luftverkehr, mostly with Aero O.Y., several record breaking flights, i.e. Helsinki-Cape Town, Europe Roundtrip, left Junkers 1937

Bressler, Arthur since 1926 with Junkers in Spain and Bulgaria, crashed 1936 in Spanish Civil War

Budde, Emil since 1923 with Junkers Luftverkehr, left JLAG in 1924

Burzynski, Hans since 1922 with Junkers Luftverkehr, left JLAG in 1923

Cramer von Clausbruch, Rudolf since 1923 with Junkers LV, left JLAG in 1924

Doerr, Gustav since 1922 with JLAG until 1925

Doldi, Adolf since 1922 with JLAG (Rumpler) uitl 1925

Drewsky, Max since 1921 with JLAG, South America Expedition, left JLAG 1924

Edler, Ernst since 1929 with JFM Leipzig, 1933 to 1936 with LAB Bolivia

Eger, Kurt since 1922 with JLAG in Russia, left JLAG 1925

Eichler, Hans Alexander since 1922 JLAG in Sweden

Englert, Jose since 1931 with Scadta

Franke, Rudolf since 1923 with JLAG in Russia, left Junkers in 1924

Frantz, Max since 1922 JFM pilot, later in South America with Varig

Friedensburg, Walter since 1922 Junkers pilot in Chile, Cuba and Colombia until 1934

Funk, Joseph since 1923 Junkers pilot until 1926

von Gablenz, Karl-August since 1924 with JLAG, to DLH in 1926

Gaim, Ludwig since 1923 with JLAG, to DLH in 1926

Gothe, Alfred since 1921 with JFM until 1933

Graf Junkers pilot, killed in crash at Dresden 10.06.25

Griebsch, Wilhelm joint Junkers in April 1920, fatal crash June 1920

Grothwal, John Heinrich since 1923 with JLAG until 1925

Grundke, Alfred since 1922 with JFM, since 1930 in Bolivia, returned 1940

Gruschwitz, Otto since 1924 with JLAG, to DLH in 1926

Gundelfinger, Friedrich Anton since 1925 with JLAG, to DLH in 1926

Guenther, Werner since 1928 with JLV Persia, since 1930 with LAB, died 1932

Haal, Erich since 1928 with JFM, 1929/30 with Persian Government

Hagen, Walter with JLAG until 1926

Hampel since 1927 traffic manager Kabul, pilot for Afghan Government

Haenichen, Martin with JFM since 1927, 1929/30 Persian Government pilot, since 1931 in South America

Harder, Fritz with JLAG since 1923, 1925 head of pesticide department, 1931 Junkers Luftverkehr Persia

Hasselmann, Hermann with Junkers since 1920, fatal crash 03.02.1920 with F13 WnR. 539 at Kleinkuehnau

Hautzmeyer, Ludwig since 1923 with JLAG, in 1927 with Oelag, crashed 1936 at Croydon with KLM DC-2

Hebart, Karl since 1925 with JLAG, in 1926 to DLH

Heck since 1923 with Junkers

Heft, Alfred since 1925 with JLAG Night Flight Operation, in 1926 to DLH

Helm, Alfred since 1925 JLAG night flight pilot, to DLH in 1926

Helmers, Arnold since 1928 Junkers pilot, 1929-1931 LAB

Hempel, Klaus since 1925 head of night flight operations JLAG

Hencke during second half of 20s Junkers pilot

Henke, Paul since 1922 with JLAG, to DLH in 1926

Henze since 1923 Junkers pilot in South America and Persia, to DLH in 1926

Hesse, Hans since 1920 with Junkers, 1922 to 1924 Danziger Luftpost, 1924 head of operation of JLAG East, left JLAG in 1925

Hettling, Fritz since 1923 with Junkers

Holmen, R. since 1924 with A.B. Aerotransport

Holtz, Kurt since 1923 Junkers pilot, to DLH in 1926

Höpken since 1922 JLAG pilot

Hucke, Friedrich since 1923 JLAG pilot, to DLH in 1926

Joas, Georg since 1922 JLAG pilot, 1924 in Argentina, 1926 at LAB, 1927 at JFA, 1928 in Afghanistan, left Junkers in 1930

Jueterbock, Georg came from Svenska Lufttrafik to JLAG in 1922, in Russia during 1923, Junkers Luftverkehr Persia in 1925, later to Bolivia, fatal crash 1940 in Bolivia

Kaspar, Josef since 1924 JLAG night flight pilot, to DLH 1926

Kiessner, Fritz since 1921 JLAG, 1923 Junkers LV Russland, fatal crash in Russia

King test pilot in Fili

King, George since 1930 pilot of Jucoram in USA

Kneer, Franz since 1922 JLAG pilot, 1923 in Russia, 1924 in South America, crashed in the thirties

Koehl, Hermann since 1924 night flight manager of JLAG, to DLH in 1926, performed first East-West crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1928 with W33 Bremen

Koehler, Erich since 1925 night flight pilot of JLAG, to DLH in 1926

Krause, Rudolf since 1921 JLAG/NEU pilot, to DLH in 1926

Kraut, Richard since 1922 Junkers pilot, to DAL in 1924

von Krohn, Helmut since 1920 Scadta pilot

Krzenciessa, Thomas since 1923 Junkers pilot, to LAB in 1926, left Junkers 1927

Kudrjawzeff, Peter since 1928 Junkers Persia pilot, 1932 to LAB, killed 1938

Langanke, William since 1923 with JLAG, to DLH in 1927

Lehmann, Heinz since 1939 Test Pilot in Bernburg, since 1955 Test Pilot VEB Flugzeugbau Dresden

Lehmann, Willi since 1939 Test Flight Engineer, 1946-52 Test Flight Engineer in Podbersje, since 1955 Test Flight Engineer VEB Flugzeugbau Dresden, killed during second flight of B152 Prototype in Dresden.

Leopold, Georg since 1923 with JLAG, to RVM in 1925

Lieb, Adalbert since 1923 with JLAG, in 1926 to DLH

Liehr, Kurt since 1923 with JLAG, in 1926 to DLH

Lindner, K.G. since 1925 with A.B. Flygindustri, to A.B. Aerotransport in 1929

Loesch, Hans since 1920 JFA pilot, 1921 Lloyd Ostflug and Danziger Luftpost

Monz, Emil since 1919 Junkers pilot, started initial Junkers Luftverkehr from Dessau to Weimar in March 1919, since 1920 in USA with Junkers-Larsen Cooperation, since 1921 with Ostdeutsche Landwerkstaetten in Schneidmühl. Crashed in Feb. 1921

Morzik, Fritz since 1923 with Junkers Russia, left Junkers in 1928

Mossbacher, Robert since 1923 Junkers pilot, since 1925 in Persia, crashed in 1931

Mueller, Hermann joint Junkers South America tour, crashed with Werner Junkers onboard D-213 in Brasil in June 1923

Neumann, Arthur started at DLR in 1919, joint Junkers in 1923, participated at Spitzbergen expedition in 1923, to DLH in 1926

Pasquali, Richard since 1925 with Junkers, to Transadriatica in 1928

Poss, Reinhold since 1922 Junkers pilot in Russia, in 1926 to Severa

Risztics, Johann since 1923 with Ungarische Luftverkehrs AG, in 1925 technical pilot at JFA, permanent flight record in July 1927 with 52 hours in the air, failed two times in East-West Atlantic crossing in 1927, during WWII test pilot in Breslau maintenance center.

Rodschinka, Bruno since 1921 Lloyd Ostflug, 1923 JLV Russia, to DLH in 1926

Roeder, Waldemar since 1923 JFA pilot, left Junkers in 1935

Schaefer, Othello since 1922 JFA pilot, 1923 in Russia, 1927 Persia, left Junkers 1928

Schiffer, Hans since 1922 JFA pilot, night ops since 1925
Schlenstedt, Franz since 1920 Lloyd Ostflug, 1923-1925 Ops Manager, to DLH 1926

Schmetzler since 1922 JFA pilot, 1923 in South America

Schnaeble, Karl since 1923 JFA pilot, 1926 to DLH

Schnurbusch, Wilhelm since 1920 Scadta pilot, 1931 Techn. Director Scadta

Schroth, Hermann since 1925 JFA pilot, 1926 LAB until 1941

Seibert, Ernst since 30s JFM pilot, several world record flights with Ju88 in 1939.

Stinson, Edward since 1921 Junkers-Larsen pilot in USA, 1921 world record flight with Junkers JL-6

Strasser, Georg since 1922 Junkers pilot

Wagner, Peter since 1922 JFA pilot, 1925 in Turkey, crashed 1927 in Teheran

Wasserthal, Walter since 1923 JFA pilot, since 1924 in Persia, suicide in Pahlevi

Weber, Ludwig since 1928 JFA pilot, to Ethopia in 1932

Wende, Hans joint JLAG from DLR in 1923, to DLH in 1926

Wendel, Ludwig JFM test pilot during WWII

Wieprich, Otto joint JLV Russia in 1922 from LV Straehle, 1926 to DLH

Wiskandt, Hugo JFA pilot since 1925, in 1926 to DLH

Witte, Paul JLAG pilot since 1923, in 1926 to DLH

Zellmann JLAG pilot since 1924, to RVM in 1925

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contents last updated 14 Feb 2018