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1904 at Aachen, Germany
by Hugo Junkers as subsidary of

since 1920 independent company in Dessau.
(outsourced ICO departement )

Main Business:
Initially for the developement and production
of Air Heater Systems, later also
production of thermodynamic measurement equipment
Since 1921 also metal constructions
Since 1925 also housings, metal furnitures, etc.

Management Positions:
1908 Matthias Lurken, head of the Kaloriferwerk

1908 - 1914 Aachen
1914 Dessau

Kaloriferwerk Facility at Coethener Str. in 1920

Company Development:
1904 Initially design works for Air Heater Systems
1908 Kaloriferwerke Aachen started serial production
1914 Kaloriferwerke are transfered from Aachen to Dessau.
1920 Kaloriferwerke became independent from ICO
1920 Serial Production in own faciltites (previously ICO and IFA)
1921 Foundation of the Junkers Lamellenbau Departement
1926 Foundation of the departement for steel constructions (4th June)
1946 Transfered into VEB Junkalor

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