by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Ju90 Model Kits


Scale unknown

Neckar Verlag, Ju390, 9661, price 25-30US$, construction plans
This is a construction plan for the six engine Ju390. Span 233mm, length 148mm
Further info at
Neckar Verlag

Junkers Ju390 Example of a Ju390 based on Neckar Verlag plans
built by Bruno Schmalzgruber

(c) Neckar Verlag

Scale 1:72

Airmodel, Ju90, AM209, price 30-35US$, vacuumformed, about 1996
read more about that model at Wingnut International
Junkers Ju90 Airmodel Junkers Ju90 Model
built by Jum Lund

(c) Jim Lund

Airmodel, Ju290A7, AM121, 109 vacuum formed parts, price 35-40US$,
Junkers Ju290 Airmodel Junkers Ju290 Model
built by TCAH

(c) TCAH

Combat, Ju90, 72-023, ??? vacuumformed parts, price n/a, about 1999
Combat, Ju290, ???, vacuform, price n/a
Combat, Ju390, ???, vacuform, price n/a
Contrail, Ju290, ???, vacuumformed parts, price n/a
same as Sutcliffer, about 1979
Contrail, Ju390, ???, vacuumformed parts, price n/a, about 1979

Cruver, Ju90, ???, assembled, price n/a
cellulose acetate model, WWII aircraft recognition model

Planet Models, Ju290-A4, 073, resin parts, to be released in 2000
further photos at the Model Hangar and Internet Modeller
Junkers Ju290 Planet Junkers Ju290 Model
built by Helmut Latoschinski

(c) The Model Hangar

Sutcliffer, Ju290, ????, 55 vacuum formed parts, price n/a, same as Contrail?
Toad Resins, Ju290, ???, ??? parts, price n/a, model will not be produced
Toad Resins, Ju390, ???, ??? parts, price n/a, models will not be produced

Scale 1:100

Schreiber, Ju90 0584, 114 pieces, price 5-10US$, Paper Model, photo + info
Junkers Ju90 Schreiber Junkers Ju90 Paper Sheet

(c) Schreiber

Scale 1:144

ACM Air Craft Models, Ju90 D-AURE, 411, ??? parts, price n/a,
Junkers Ju90 ACM Junkers Ju90 Model
built by Paul Gold

(c) Paul Gold

Scale 1:215

Dinky Toys, Ju90, 62-F, assembled metal, price n/a, within a set of 6 aircraft
Further reading about Dinky Toys at The Toyzone
Dinky Toys, Ju90, 62nG, assembled metal, price n/a, various registrations
Junkers Ju90 Dinky Junkers Ju90 Model

(c) Dinky

Dinky Toys, Ju90, 62yG, assembled metal, price n/a, G-AZBK
Junkers Ju90 Dinky Junkers Ju90

(c) Dinky

Dinky Toys, Ju90 Bomber (Ju89), 67aG, assembled metal, price n/a,
Junkers Ju90 Dinky Junkers Ju90 Bomber

(c) Dinky

Scale 1:1200

C.A.P. Aero, Ju290-A5, C2G14, assembled metal, price n/a, Wargaming model



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