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Junkers EF030

The EF030 Designator seemed to be used for several passenger airliner studies at Junkers between 1928 and 1931.

Junkers F24 Design

In June 1928 the EF030 Designator was used for the design of the single engine conversion of the Junkers G24 to the Junkers F24. Pohlmann performed several engine model calculations in 1928. In February 1929 the Designator was changed to Junkers W41, which was further used as an engine test bed at Junkers. The Junkers F24 had already been developed by Lufthansa itself and Pohlmann's EF030 studies did not have any Impact on the F24 finally.

Junkers Ju52/1m Design

The EF030 Designator is also known in Connection with the single engined Junkers Ju52/1m. Probably the final EF030 design was taken for the initial work on the Junkers Ju52/1m as a further development of the Junkers W41.



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