by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG


3rd February 1925 at Gleiwitz

Provinzialverband Oberschlesien
City of Gleiwitz (25%)
Hugo Junkers (3.6%)
Graeflich Schafgotsch'chen Werke GmbH (20%)
Oberschlesischer Bergmännischer Verein (5%)

Management Positions:
Dr. Geisler (Assistant Chairman Supervisory Board)


Company Development:

Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG was founded in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia on February, 3rd 1925 by the city of Gleiwitz, the state of Upper Silesia, several industrials from the region around Gleiwitz and Junkers, who took 3,6% of the 200.000 RM shares. Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG ordered four Junkers F13 and took over a further two G24. The reasons for a second foundation of a Junkers airline in this region might be the dispute between Silesia and Upper Silesia about the economic domain of this region. Both countries did not accept each other as the economic leader of the region and therefore both were highly engaged in building up an own airline industry in their country. With the support of the foundation of the Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG Junkers perhaps tried to prevent the area from entering his opponent Deutscher Aero Lloyd.

It seems as if Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG did not start any scheduled operations in 1925. Nevertheless, some unscheduled charter flights may have been performed in 1925. In February 1926 the City of Gleiwitz announced, that scheduled services from Gleiwitz should be started on 10th April 1926. But meanwhile Junkers Luftverkehr was absorbed by Luft Hansa, which started services from Gleiwitz via Breslau and Halle to Cologne on 19th April 1926. Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG transfered its operational parts to Luft Hansa in 1926. I have no information about the operational role of Oberschlesische Luftverkehrs AG and it was finally dissolved in 1937.

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