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Junkers Ju89


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strategic bomber aircraft, F/F: 11. April 1937 
cantilever monoplane in smooth metal construction by
Ernst Zindel

The need for a heavy strategic bomber was controversly discussed within Luftwaffe for years. In November 1933 the RLM started discussions with Junkers and Dornier about the requirements of such aircraft. Due to this discussions Dornier developed the Dornier Do 19, while Junkers started the development of the Junkers Ju89. The RLM request asked for two prototypes and a prototype series of nine aircraft.

On Apri, 11th 1937 the Ju89 prototype D-AFIT (V1, c/n 4911) was first flown by Hesselbach. Short time after the first flight, on April 29th 1937 the further developement of both strategic bombers was cancelled by the RLM. The reason for this step was the high fuel consumption of heavy bombers, as well as the fact, that a large number of bomber aircraft could only be manufactured if these bombers were medium seized bombers, like the Ju88.

The second Ju89 prototype D-ALAT was finished in July 1937, but the third prototype V3 was stopped after the program was cancelled. Both prototypes were used for extensive flight tests to get experiences about the stability and flight controls of large aircraft. On June 4th 1938 Kindermann achieved a new Payload/Altitude World Record with the second prototype D-ALAT with 5000 kg payload at an altitude of 9312 m. On June, 8th 1938 he reached with the same aircraft an altitude of 7242 m with 10000 kg. In late 1938 both aircraft were transfered to Luftwaffe, where they were used as heavy transport aircraft until summer 1939, when they were probably scrapped. Some sources also mention, that both aircraft were still used during 1940 in Norway. Following the development stop of the strategic bomber, the Ju89 design was used for a Lufthansa request for a large passenger aircraft. The third prototype, which was already under construction, was therefore used as a prototype for this Junkers Ju90 design.

Technical Data: 


year engine length
in m
in m
wing area
im sqm
net weight
in kg
in kg
seats speed
in km/h
in km



4 x DB600C (700kW)











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