by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG

22nd May 1925 at Munich as Sueddeutsche Luftverkehrs AG
1925 renamed into Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG

Bavarian Trade Ministry
City of Munich
Hugo Junkers (13,3% since 1925)

Management Positions:


Company Development:
Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG was founded a few days after the foundation of Europa Union on May, 22nd 1925 at Munich as Sueddeutsche Luftverkehrs A.G. The foundation capital was 1,5 million Marks. A few days after the foundation the company was renamed into Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG. At the time of the foundation Junkers was still shareholder of the
Bayerischer Luft-Lloyd. But the Bavarian GOvernment was no longer willing to provide money to that first Bavarian airline, which was mostly focused on the needs of Junkers Luftverkehr, but which was not always focused on the needs of the Bavarian Government. Therefore the foundation of Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG took place without Junkers, but with Aero Lloyd as a potential partner for the airline service.

But Junkers quickly joint the foundation process and finally decisions were made to buy a total of four Junkers F13 and three Junkers G24. Again Junkers received shares of the new airline in exchange for his aircraft. Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG became a member of the just born Europa Union in 1925 and Junkers agreed to dissolve his former Bavarian company the Bayerischer Luft-Lloyd, making Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG to the only Bavarian airline.

In January 1926 all operations of Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG were transfered to Luft Hansa. Luft Hansa also took over the former Junkers shares of Bayerische Luftverkehrs AG.The airline itself was liquidated on June, 25th 1928.

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