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Junkers Ju87 Survivors

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Junkers Ju87, WNr. 6234, Luftwaffe L1+FW
Technikmuseum Berlin
stored, derelicted

In 1997 the Museum fuer Verkehr und Technik in Berlin bought two Junkers Ju87 from the New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum at Wanaka, which had been recovered from the Northern parts of Russia. C/n 6234 was in service with IV/LG1 in Russia during WWII. It crashed on 24th April 1942 near Murmansk and was recovered in 1990 by Jim Pearce.

Junkers Ju87R2, WNr. 5856, Luftwaffe L1+BI
Technikmuseum Berlin
on Display, derelicted

c/n 5856 was in service with IStG5 and crashed on 2nd July 1942 near Murmansk with Karl-Heinz Herpst as pilot and Alfred Nowitsch as observer on board. The aircraft was rescued in 1994. Both aircraft are complete but not restaurated yet. The Museum fuer Verkehr und Technik was renamed into Deutsches Technikmuseum in January 1997. Since 1999 this aircraft is on display in the entrance hall of the museum unrestaurated.

Junkers Ju87B1, WNr. ????, Luftwaffe ??+??
Flugausstellung Leo Junior, Hermeskeil

on Display, parts only

Some cockpit panels are available at Hermeskeil. They were found at a scrapyard at Karlsruhe in the beginning of the 80s. One panel was rebuilt and is now on display at Hermeskeil.

Junkers Ju87D, WNr. ????, Luftwaffe ??+??
Wehrtechnische Sammlung, Koblenz

on Display, Panel only

At Koblenz an IFR training panel is on display. This one was used on Ju87-G training aircraft

Junkers Ju87B1, WNr. ????, Luftwaffe ??+??
Luftfahrttechnisches Museum, Rechlin

on Display, Panel only

Another Cockpit front panel is on display at Rechlin

Junkers Ju87B, WNr. 130164, Luftwaffe ??+??
Auto und Technikmuseum, Sinsheim

On Display, derelicted

The AUTO UND TECHNIK MUSEUM at Sinsheim in Germany displayed an unrestaurated Ju87B since 1989. The aircraft was rescued from the grounds of the Bay around St. Tropez in France but is in very bad condition. It was rescued from a depth of 60 metres, where it sank after being shot down on August, 16th 1944, while attacking the Allied invasion fleet. It belonged to the 4.StG77. The tail unit is missed and still rests at a depth of 100 meters in the Mediteranean Sea.

Junkers Ju87 Replica
Internationales Luftfahrtmuseum, Villingen-Schweningen

Replica, Parts only

Several wooden replicas were built by Manfred Pflumm at the International Aviation Museum in Villingen. This replicas were built on request of a film company. Later they were exhibited by Manfred Pflumm at his Museum in Villingen. During the 90s these wooden replicas were scrapped by Manfred Pflumm due to their poor condition. Today just the fuselage of a Me109 survived as a larger part. Among these replicas there was also a Junkers Ju87 replica. When this replica was scrapped, Pflumm kept the wings in his storage. They were further damaged, when the storage tent collapsed during a hurricane in the late 90s, but they are still alive.

Junkers Ju87, WNr. 100375, Luftwaffe, S7+GM
Greek Air Force Museum, Rhodos

on Display, derelicted

On 6th Ocotober 2006 the Greek Navy rescued the underwater wreckage of a Ju87 aircraft, which ditched about 11 kilometers off Prasonisi Island at Rhodos and sank into a depth of 150 meters some sixty years ago. In 2004 the aircraft was caught by fisher net and was thrown towards the coast line into a depth of 15 meters. This Ju87 seems to be one of nine Ju87s, which were shot down by RAF during their attack to Maritsa on 9th October 1943. Seven Ju87 crashed into the sea, while just two aircraft managed to escape to Rhodos for an emergency landing.

The wreckage is a Ju87-D3/trop WNr. 100375, S7+GM. It was flown by Lt. Metzger and Uffz. Sopnemann. The rescue operation was again performed by the Mobile Team of Maintainance Submarine and Marine Installations (KOSYCE), which already brought back a Ju52 two years ago. The plane will be transported in the Museum of Martial Aviation at the airport Dekelej'as. Currently it seems as if the tail unit is missed.

Junkers Ju87 Replica
Private owned in Germany


Peter Cohausz reports in his book about two Junkers Ju87 replicas, which are currently under construction in Germany. I have no further infos about these two aircraft. Any info welcome.

Junkers Ju87D, WNr. 16970, Luftwaffe, "??+??
National War Museum, La Valetta

stored, parts only

Some reports indicate, that parts of a Ju87D are currently at the National War Museum at La Valetta in Malta. No further details are currently available.

Junkers Ju87B, WNr. 1394, Luftwaffe, A5+DN
Private Owned, Bournemouth, UK

stored, Parts only

Another Ju87B is preserved by a private collector at Bournemouth in England. He owns parts of c/n 1394 A5+DN, which was in service with 5./StG 1 during WWII. No further infos available.

Junkers Ju87G2, WNr. 494083, Luftwaffe RI+JK
Battle of Britain Museum, London

on Display, restaurated

At the BATTLE OF BRITAIN MUSEUM in Hendon a Ju87G2 (D5?) is displayed. This aircraft was delivered as a Ju87D5 in 1942. It was captured by British Forces in May 1945 in Northern Germany and transfered to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. It was registered there 8474M and AM.37. In the sixties the aircraft was used for the film Battle of Britain. Special bomb equipment was integrated, while the tank guns were removed Since 1978 this aircraft is displayed at Hendon as 10 (PZ) Staffel II/Schlachtgeschwader 3.

Junkers Ju87B2, WNr. 406, Luftwaffe 9801/7 ex H4+??
Muzej Yugoslovenskog Vazduhplovsta, Belgrade

on Display, tail only

The MUZEJ YUGOSLOVENSKOG VAZDUHPLOVSTA at Belgrad has the tail section of a Ju87B on display. Center section, parts of the wings and engine cowlings are in storage. According to Nenad Miklusev this Ju87 was previously Luftwaffe VE+KU. Nenad also reports parts from further three Ju87 at the Museum Storage, which are of S2+??, H4+?? and 5B+??. According to Stankov S. Vojis one of these was shot down over Belgrade in April 1941. Stankov also reports an unproved story of a one Ju-87B that still exists on the bottom of river Danube in triangle Novi Sad-Petrovaradin-Sremska Kamenica in Yugoslavia (Neusatz-Peterwerdein-Kamenitz) crashlanded during 1941.

Junkers Ju87R2trop, WNr. 5954, Luftwaffe A5+HL
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
on Display, restaurated

In 1977/78 an U.S. engineer named Louis Langhurst in Minesota designed a flyable Ju87 replica in a scale of 7:10. The basic pattern for this replica was taken from the Chicago Ju87. A total of 8000 Manhours were necessary to complete this flyable Ju87 replica, which is powered by a 220PS Lycoming engine. On 19.07.1978 this replica performed its first flight with Langhurst. The aircraft is painted in the colors of the III./StG2 and registered T6+AD. For flying performances the aircraft is registered N87LL. From 1981 to 1990 this aircraft was on display at the San Diego Aerospace Museum. Then the aircraft was sold to Richard Erzenberger and today it seemed to be owned by Roland Weeks in Billox, Mississippi. This aircraft is currently for sale. Total Flight Time 418 hours.

Junkers Ju87 Flyable Replica, "Langhurst", Luftwaffe T6+AD (N87LL)
Private owned, Gulfport, USA

Flyable Replica

Junkers Ju87 Flyable Replica, "Langhurst", Luftwaffe T6+KL (N87DK)
Private owned, Horsehead, USA

Flyable Replica

It seems as if Langhurst has built a second 7:10 replica, which was registered T6+KL or N87DK for flying purposes. This aircraft received its airworthiness certificate in 1987 and it was flown for 354 hours. According to NTSB reports, this second replica has crashed 26.05.2000 at Urbana, MD. The aircraft was owned by Kurzenburger.

Junkers Ju87R2, WNr. 875709, Luftwaffe ??+ZK
Private owned, USA


Mikael Olrog has some information about this aircraft on his site. The aircraft should have belong to IV St/LG1 and was recovered in Russia in 1999. Mikael Olrog also reports some further Ju87 recoveries from Russia, which should have been moved to Belgium in 1998/99.

Junkers Ju87B2, WNr. ????, Luftwaffe T6+MP
Classic Fighters Malborough, New Zealand

Flyable Replica

The Classic Fighters in New Zealand are working on a Ju87 replica based on the Chicago Ju87 exhibit. The replica seems to be intended for ground taxiing with a lot of movable parts, i.e. flaps and dive brakes. But it probably is not intended for flying purposes. Currently car engine is mounted for ground taxiing.

Junkers Ju87, WNr. ????, Luftwaffe T6+AD (UA0455)
Private Owned, Dzhankoi Airport, Ukraine

Flyable Replica

This replica was built by Vladimir Nesonov, a retired Ukrainian army pilot. First flight of the aircraft was performed in June 2002 at Dzhankoi in Southern Ukraine. Nesonov intends to present the aircraft to film studios primarily.

Junkers Ju87, WNr. ????, Luftwaffe, (D-EAJU)
Private Owned, Riedingen, Germany

Flyable Replica

Tassilo Bek from Riedlingen is already well known for his Me109 replica series in 3:4 scale. Bek's Ju87 Stuka performed ist first flight in May 2000 at Riedlingen in Germany. It is equipped with a Limbach L2400 engine, has a span of 9 metres and a length of 6.25 meters. At a flight weight of 680kg a maximum speed of 230 km/h is achieved.



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