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Pirna (Junkers) 015

ZTL engine with 4500kp of 1956

The Pirna 015 was a ZTL engine with 4500kp thrust. It was under development since 1956 as a successor of the initial Pirna 014 TL engine. This new engine should enlarge the Baade 152 range from 2000km to 2500 km and reduce the specific fuel consumption of the aircraft. While the Pirna 014 was a single single shaft engine, the Pirna 015 was the first twin shaft and double airflow design. 

However, the Soviets rejected a ZTL engine for their 152s and asked for an improved single shaft Pirna 014 engine, which was initially developed as a Pirna 014E and then as the Pirna 016. The ZTL Approach Pirna 015 was stopped in a very early design Phase.


Technical Data:

Engine Designator year Compressor Burner Turbines length
in m
max diameter
in m
in kg
Max. Power
in kp
Pirna 015 1956 4LPC+8HPC 10 4 3,80
1800 4500





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