by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers W33 / W34 Philatelic Item

Austria, 16.08.1935, 3sh., MiNr 598+603+605+608+609+610

Six stamps out of 15 airmail stamps (598/612)
Junkers W33 flying over Austrian landscapes

Danzig, 06.06.1937, 50p, MiNr.

extract from miniature sheet Daposta 1937

Canada, 1975, 25c, Booklet #586a

booklet cover shows a Junkers W34, stamps inside without Junkers references.

Ireland, ??.??.1978, 10/15p, MiNr 374-375

set of two stamps "50th Anniversary of first East-West Atlantic Crossing"

Hungary, 10.05.1978, 2Ft, MiNr 3278

multi colored, "75 Anniversary of 1st powered Flight" edition, 7 values
Junkers W33 "Bremen" with Kohl, Hunefeld, Fitzmaurice

Bangladesh, 15.06.1978, 2.25T, MiNr 114

multi-colored, ex "75 anniversary of 1st engined flight" Stamp Set of 4 aviation stamps
Junkers W33 "Atlantis" of Hans Bertram in flight

Good research source for
Bangladesh Stamps

Iceland, 21.06.1978, 60Kr, MiNr 532

multi-colored, ex "50th Anniversary Icelandair" Stamp Set of 2 aviation stamps
Junkers W33 seaplane inflight, Icelandair

Germany (FRG), 05.04.1979, 60+30Pf, MiNr 1007

multi-colored, ex "Youth Series - Aviation" Stamp Set of 4 aviation stamps
Junkers W33 "Bremen" inflight over Atlantic Ocean

Gambia, 12.12.1983, 90b, MiNr 493, Scott 495, Yvert 493

multi-colored, ex "200 Years Aviation" Stamp Set of 4 aviation stamps
Junkers W33 "Australia to England" flight

Good source for Gambian stamp research Space Topical Stamps

Uganda, 1987, 3F, MiNr 528

multicolored, ex stamp set of 9 stamps
Junkers W33 Bremen on its Transatlantic Flight

Norway, 1996, 350k, MiNr 1223

multicolored, ex stamp set of 8 stamps
Junkers W34 seaplane during mail loading

Ireland, 24.02.1998, 32p, MiNr 1047

multicolored, ex stamp set "Aviation Pioneers" from booklet MH40
Junkers W33 "Bremen" during its Atlantic flight, Fitzmaurice

Germany, 10.04.2003, MiNr n/a

multi-colored, "75th anniversary of 1st North-Atlantic flight East-West"
Junkers W33 "Bremen" in flight, Koehl, Huenefeld and Fitzmaurice

The alternate stamp designs
(not used officially used)

P.R. of Korea, ??.??.????, MiNr n/a

Junkers W33 together with Ju52

Germany / IAPC, ????, MiNr n/a

one stamp out of 4 x 4 miniature sheets



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