by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Motorenbau GmbH, Magdeburg


Junkers Motoren GmbH, Magdeburg
1913 at Magdeburg by Hugo Junkers

Main Business:
Production of Oil Engines of all kinds,
which had been developed by the
Versuchsanstalt Aachen

Management Positions:
Quast 1913-1914
Matthew 1915-1916


Company Development:
Since 1904 a lot of experimental stationary engines were designed by the Versuchsanstalt fuer Oelmotore at Aachen. The construction of these engines were performed by external companies, i.e. Soest + Co. at Dusseldorf or Gebr. Klein at Dahlbruch, which built the engines on request of the Versuchsanstalt. Also the Versuchsanstalt sold several license agreements to external companies, which built engines using the Junkers opposed piston technology. The Versuchsanstalt itself concentrated on the design and the experimental studies of the engines.

In 1913 Hugo Junkers decided to built his engines himself. He aquired the Magdeburger Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik and founded Junkers Motoren GmbH at Magdeburg. Quast became the managing head of this initial engine production facility. The Junkers M18 oil engine was the first engine to be built at Magdeburg in 1913 according to the specifications of the Versuchsanstalt. It was followed by the experimental engines M23, M25 and M27 in 1914. Further five engines of the M24 type were built during 1913/14. An initial order for three 150hprs oil engines for the Russian oil industry was placed in summer 1914.

With the breakout of WWI in August 1914 all activites at Magdeburg were stopped. The M27 remained unfinished and the Russian orders were cancelled. The U.S.-born Quast left Germany and Ing. Matthew took over the managing responsibity in Magdeburg. A few projects were handed over to Jumo Magdeburg in December 1914 for further realization. One was the ship engine C180. But the construction was later stopped and the two ordered engines of the Versuchsanstalt Aachen remained unfinished in Magdeburg until the end of WWI.

In 1915 the Junkers Motoren GmbH at Magdeburg got the first aircraft engine designs for the Junkers Mo3, which was ready for test runs in June 1915. In 1916 it was followed by the Mo8, which was also built at Magdeburg.

When the Forschungsanstalt Prof. Junkers was founded at Dessau in 1915, the aircraft engine developement was slowly transfered from Aachen to Dessau. At Dessau the ICO facilities were used for the construction of the Forschungsanstalt designs. In about 1916 the Magdeburg production was ceased and the Junkers Motoren GmbH was dissolved. The remaining unfinished C180 ship engine was transfered to Aachen in 1919, where the Versuchsanstalt finished the engine for themself.



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