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Pirna (Junkers) 016

When the Soviets refused the Pirna 015 ZTL engine design for their 152s and asked for an improved Pirna 014 TL design, initial work was done under the Designator Pirna 014E, which enclosed a Pirna 015 engine in a Pirna 014 housing. As this required Major changes on the 015 design, this Project was redesignated as Pirna 016 in 1958.

The Pirna 016 was an ETL engine. The Pirna 016 had a new compressor with a compression Ratio of 11,86 compared to the 7 of the Pirna 014 and a three instead of two stage turbine. The Pirna 016 had less specific fuel consumption and a higher air consumption compared to the Pirna 014.

Only a single compressor was built for compressor Tests, which showed satisfying results. But due to the delays in the Pirna 014 Programme any activities on the Pirna 016 were stopped in 1958.


Technical Data:

Engine Designator year Compressor Burner Turbines length
in m
max diameter
in m
in kg
Max. Power
in kp
Pirna 016 1957 12 12 3 3,60
1050 3500 8700





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