by Horst Zoeller, 1996 - 2020, 67th Edition, 22 Nov 2020

Junkers Jumo 212

24 cyclinder engine, two coupled Jumo 211

Not much is known about the Jumo 212. It seems to be a project idea, which was born due to problems with the Heinkel He177 developements. The Daimler-Benz DB606 developement for the twin engined Heinkel He177 was not reliable enough and underwent severe developement delays. Therefore Heinkel was interested in an alternate engine for the He177.

On November 19th 1938 Heinkel proposed the use of four
Jumo 211 on the He177B to the Reichsluftfahrtministry instead of two DB606 double engines. However, the RLM declined this approach, as the He177B should also be capable as a dive bomber and the use of four engines was not acceptable for this reason.

Therefore in 1939 Heinkel and Junkers Motorenwerke discussed the developement of a coupled version of two Jumo 211 in a single engine. This new engine was discussed as the Jumo 212. It was intended to get the first engines under the wing of a He177 in autumn 1940. But it does not look, as if a concrete developement was really started. Further discussions between Heinkel and Junkers Motorenwerke saw also a coupled version of two
Jumo 213. But also these discussions did not led to a concrete developement start. Finally Heinkel started the developement of a four engined He177 on its own expense without RLM support, which got the BMW810 engines.

It might be, that the developement of a 24 cylinder coupled engine design was aborted by Junkers at a very early developement stage and was continued as a complete new design under the designator
Jumo 222. Therefore the Jumo 212 might be a pre-developement step towards the Jumo 222, but this is not proved.


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