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Junkers F13 Survivors + Replicas

Junkers F13 (original, on display)
Muse de L'Air
Paris Le Bourget, France 

SNo. 609, RNo. none

An unmarked F13 is on display at the Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget near Paris in France. It is reported, that this aircraft might be c/n 600. C/n 600 was delivered in 1921 as O-BACC as Taubenflugzeug (bird transport aircraft). No further information upon c/n 600 is available. The Le Bourget F13 does not show the typical bird transport fittings. In sofar there is some doubt about the c/n. As some of the instruments have English markers, it might be possible, that this F13 was originally a JL6 for the US market. The aircraft is stored at the Dugny side of the airport. It is on display on special events only.

Junkers F13 (derelicted, under restauration)
Technikmuseum Berlin
Berlin, Germany 

SNo. 2050, RNo. CF-ALX, Canadian Pacific

The Technikmuseum Berlin rescued an engine, the undercarriage and parts of the tail of a former Persian Junkers F13 during the 90s in Yemen. That aircraft belonged to the Imam Yahya since 1928. But these parts were to small for any restoration trial. However in 2004 the DTM and the Western Canada Aviation Museum made an arrangement for the transfer of a F13 wreckage of the CF-ALX, which was rescued by the WCAM in 1981 and stored since then at Winnipeg. The wreckage will come to Germany probably during 2005 and will be restaurated at the DTM for display during the second half of this decade.

The aircraft is WNr. 2050 Koenigsgeier, which was sold to Canada in May 1930 and which was registered CF-ALX for Air Land Manufacturing Company. In May 1933 the aircraft was sold to Victor Spencer at Vancouver, who named it "City of Prince George". Already on 23rd July 1933 the aircraft crashed during take off from Mc Connell lake in British Columbia due to heavy tail winds, which forced the aircraft down into the nearby woods. The aircraft remained at the crash location for nearly 47 years before the WCAM rescued the wreckage in 1981.

Aircraft is currently under Restauration in Hungary.

Junkers F13 (Replica, on display)
Luftfahrtmuseum Laatzen
Hannover, Germany 

SNo. , RNo. D-1, Junkers Luftverkehr

The Luftfahrtmuseum Laatzen near Hannover has a F13 on display. The aircraft is a 1:1 replica built by Pflumm in Villingen-Schwenningen. The replica is painted in the typical Junkers company livery and is registered as D-1, which was the F13 prototype.

Junkers F13ce (original, on display)
Deutsches Museum
Munich, Germany 

SNo. 2018, RNo. D-366, Junkers Luftverkehr

This aircraft was built in 1927 and was delivered to Afghanistan in 1928 to built up a new Afghan airline. In 1968 the aircraft was discovered in derelicted condition at Kabul. It was offered to Germany by the Afghan authorities as a gift and was transfered to Munich, where it was rebuilt by Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB). Since 1984 the aircraft is on display at Munich as D-366 Wing and tail unit are rebuilts, while most other parts are original. The aircraft is in very good condition.

Junkers F13 (replica, stored)
Luftfahrtmuseum Rechlin
Rechlin, Germany 

SNo. , RNo. D-433, Westflug

This is a 1:1 F13 replica, which was built in 2005 for a temporary "Aviation in Eastwestphalia" exhibition in Detmold from May to October 2006. The replica is painted in the livery of Eastwestphalia's Westflug GmbH of 1926, which used two F13 during the twenties. The replica is very accurate, but without wings due to the limited space of the exhibition. Later the replica was stored at Paderborn Airport before it was sold to the Luftfahrtmuseum in Rechlin, where it will be on Display in late 2017.

Junkers F13 (Replica, under restauration)
Moenchengladbach, Germany 

SNo., RNo. D-1, Lufthansa

At the Albatros Museum at Stuttgart Airport another 1:1 replicate of the F13 is to be seen. It was also built by Pflumm in Villingen-Schweningen as the F13 replicate at Hannover Laatzen . This aircraft was sold to WFMG and is meanwhile under Restauration at Moenchengladbach 

Junkers F13 (original, Stored)
Kozlekedesi Muzeum
Budapest, Hungary 

SNo. 574, RNo. CH-66/69, Ad Astra Aero

The KOZLEKEDESI MUZEUM at Budapest has a F13 on display since 1971. The main part of this aircraft came from F13b, c/n 574, which was delivered to Ad Astra in July 1921. The aircraft was registered CH59 and flew to Hungary at 20th October 1921 with the Hungarian King Carl onbaord, who tried to return to his home country. Finally CH59 was confiscated by the Hungarian government. It was in service there until 1931, when it was damaged by a hangar fire. The wings of CH66, also delivered to Ad Astra in July 1921, were used for the repair of CH59. In 1934 the aircraft was withdrawn from service and went into the museum. It was last restaurated in 1968, still keeping the both registrations CH59 and CH66.

Junkers F13 (original, on display)
Tekniska Museet
Stockholm, Sweden 

SNo. 715, RNo. SE-AAC, AB Aerotransport

This F13 is on display at the TEKNISKA MUSEET at Stockholm, Sweden. This aircraft, a F13a c/n 715, was used by Junkers Luftverkehr until 1924 as D-343, christened Schleiervogel. It was sold to AB Aerotransport in 1924 as F13f and was withdrawn there in 1935. Later it was transfered to the Technical Museum at Stockholm It is complete restaurated today.

Rimowa F13 (Replica, flyable)
Rimowa Flugzeugwerke
Dübendorf, Switzerland 

SNo. 001, RNo. HB-RIM, Rimowa

Rimowa Flugzeugwerke built a flyabl Junkers F13 replica. First flight was performed in 2016 and the flight Tests are under Performance in 2017 


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